Tuesday, 4 October 2011

We've been guarding OTL today!

Hello all you Woofers!

It's D&H Guarding back again.

We've been helping Old Two Legs today. You see, he has been very busy with his bits of paper, putting them into piles and then moving them onto other piles of paper and also putting the bits of paper into envelopes and the posting them.

He always gets upset when people come knocking on the door or try selling stuff on the telephone.

Today we have been looking out of the window and woofing at anyone who comes down our front path. So far we have woofed at the postman, (he's nice really), someone delivering advertising paper that OTL throws straight into the waste paper bin. Then there was the lady with loads of children, we woofed at her not to leave any of them on our door step. You see, children are OK normally but they do get noisy and make a mess and OTL doesn't like a mess, unless he makes it!

Then we woofed at the man who came to read the gas meter, he always makes a noise so we woofed at him to 'Be Quiet'! Then there was the next door neighbour sweeping the path, we woofed at her to be quiet as well, all that scrapping of broom bristles along the path makes a terrible racket!

Around lunch time, OTL said that we were going for a walk 'cos we were woofing so much doing our job that he needed a rest, poor thing!

Off we went to the Sea Wall where we ran along the beach, woofing at the Sea Gulls and the Oyster Catchers who where making a racket 'cos the tide was right out!

We got back home again and had a light lunch of some dry doggy biscuits 'cos we didn't fancy the doggy food The Missus had left for us this morning.

The afternoon has been spent guarding OTL again against the birds who were fighting over the peanuts in the feeders and the collared doves who were practising for the football match they are going to on Saturday. They are not playing but they like to lead the chanting, Uuu-Nigh-Ted, Uuu-Nigh-Ted, Uuu-Nigh-Ted. Only problem is, they don't sound as though they are enjoying it, in fact they sound right miserable!

We had a run in the Football Field and Holly had a woof at an old Labrador who was walking on the other side of the hedge, that was until he woofed back, at that point she ran back to OTL, stood behind him and woofed some more!

Tonight we got chicken for dinner, which is a lot better than tinned doggy food!

OTL has cleaned all his camera gear and his lenses ready for going away on a course, so all he has got is an old camera he had a long time ago. We tried taking pictures with it yesterday but it takes so long to take a picture that it sometimes goes wobbly!

The only type of picture is a flash one when we are sitting still waiting for the flash!

Having a break from Guarding!
See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly