Monday, 11 January 2016

Another Splashing Day!

Yo Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy!

I think that the rain has finally found us down in the South East. We have managed to escape the flooding and other nasties but the last few days it has been horrid!

Another Wet Rainy Day!
It was rotten this morning when we went out, May came out of the bag for a quick wee and then dived back, next April came out for one of the fastest poo's I've ever seen and was back in the bag like a streak of lightening!

Holly and I got all our business done and was miles ahead of Old Two Legs who was getting wet and soggy!

Back home we all got a rub down with the towel and OTL had to change most of his clothes again!

Lunch time wasn't too bad. The wind and rain had slowed a little and Freddy Boy even had a play on the beach!

What he couldn't understand was why there was no sand, it was here the last time he was on the beach 'cos he had dug a couple of hole but there was no way he was getting through all these stones!

OK, who has got the sand?
I was trying to explain but he just didn't grasp the concept of sand being small, filtering down between the rocks. He said that the stones were heavier than sand so the stones should sink and the sand float to the top!

After a while I gave up 'cos I found a ball and played a game of 'Chase' with Holly who was throwing the ball into the air!

I gotta Ball!
Freddy said that he had found a sniff that could be Weasel 'cos it had a funny edge to the sniff.

We reckon he is going to be invaluable in the Spring and Summer!

 Weasel, definitely Weasel!
Now what was new was Freddy actually broke into a run! A real, paws going like the clappers, tail waggling run!

What's more, there were no loud bangs, Hairyplanes or Woofers to scare him.

He just ran!

It didn't last too long but as a reward, OTL gave him a carry to the top of the hill then let him wobble all the way back to the car!

OTL spent the afternoon clearing up the office and washing the blinds. Well The Missus washed them for him and now they have shrunk about an inch, it's good to see she can to to the blinds what she does to his socks and shirts!

OTL is going to plan his next trip soon. We won't be allowed to go with him 'cos he and cousin Alun are planning to get up to the Orkneys to photograph Stone Circles using Black and White camera setups!

Well, what ever turns you on!

I suppose it will all be Yellow Filters and Low ISO's!

OTL says that it should be fun 'cos there is a Whisky Distillery on Orkney, Highland Park!

It's OK OTL going off for a few days but the ferrets will not be happy 'cos TM will not risk taking them out for a walk, so we reckon they will have the run of the house for half the day! Mornings for the Page 3 Girls and the afternoon for Freddy!

Looks like Holly and I will spend all day crashed out on the bed!

Now, how long will it take OTL to get up to Orkney?

Out with the maps!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy.