Thursday, 10 February 2011

A trip down the river on 'The Smelly Nelly'!

Hello All,

D&H here again!

Getting up was a slow business this morning, I suppose it had something to do with the late night. You see Old Two Legs normally gets our beds from the office and sets them up ready for us to go to bed when we feel like it, around eight is normal, then we are woken up at ten for a wee in the garden before settling down to a proper nights sleep.

Last night the beds were not down, all of which means, we did not get our normal quota of snooze time, so we over slept this morning!

After breakfast we retired to our day bed for an 'after breakfast snooze' and to catch up on our over night sleep as well!

Around midday, OTL had to go out to deliver some stuff, so, we tagged along for the ride and guess what? Yes, we went to the Riverside Park again!

We met a real full pedigree Bichon Frise who was just like Holly and me but not quite, if you know what we mean!

A Bichon Frise looking at Holly!
Just along the path we came across a Black Poodle that fell in love with Holly and would not leave her alone, OTL had to put Holly on his shoulder to rescue her until his owner could get him on a lead!
Friendly Poodle
Holly kept close to OTL for a while until the poodle had gone away and she felt safe!

Holly Watching Out
 After a while she was back chasing me all along the shore line and we got covered in smelly mud!
OTL called us both Smelly Nellie's but we didn't care, it was too much fun! We found an old shipwreck and played and being pirates. I was Captain Daisy and Holly was the First Mate and the ship was called 'The Smelly Nelly'!

The Smelly Nelly sets sail!
On the way back we met a family of Jack Russell's out for a walk and blow me down, one of the lads fell in love with Holly and kept chasing after her! She knew what to do this time and ran straight up to OTL who tucked her under his arm!

Holly gets chased Again!
After they had gone, we went for another run along the shore and got more mud on our paws. I was sure that the car would really smell on the way home and it did! OTL had to leave the window open just to let the smell out!

Daisy with muddy Paws!
We had to have our legs and tummy washed before we went to meet the Boys from school. Well, we have to look our best to greet them at the school gates!

See you tomorrow for some more fun!