Sunday, 29 December 2019


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

You know, I love Sunday's, like today, we managed a whole hour and a half late in getting up!

Old Two Legs was staggering around looking half asleep on his way to the bathroom and walked into the bedroom door!

You know, I never knew a door could be called so many names!

We have been looking at the eMail in box and found a picture of Eric in mid rampage in our bedroom at Auntie Lisa's house where we stayed over Christmas!

OK, nuffin' under there|!
The ferrets had fun exploring the new room and under the duvet. The only problem was, they were not allowed down stairs so they had to put up with exploring the waste bins and trying to remove the inside of OTL's boots!

This mornings walk was late, as I said and in day light as well!

Just for a change it was rather mild. OTL was going to take the camera but when he looked, the battery was dead, so, he had to take the mobile phone that had a camera built in.

As we headed off to the beach he stopped the car and ran off a few shots of the sunrise above Grain!

OK, not the best but it's not black!
Lunchtime we were out again and when we got to the beach we found loads of fishermen teaching worms how to swim!

Wonder if there are any sarnies left!
 Holly was a little put out 'cos there were no sandwiches to be found!

After sniffing every bait box we headed off to the forest and got woofed at by a Basset Hound who thought it funny to woof at OTL. That was until we both gave him the 'Warning Woof'!

OTL pointed out that all the leaves on the trees had gone and the worms had been busy pulling them into their holes ready for eating during the winter time!

Getting ready for Spring Time!
Now, what's all this about Archie Babes Boy feeling unwell? Been slurping too much giggle juice or maybe a Dodgy Kebab or, as OTL has experienced before, a Wobbly Plawn Clacker!

Still, it's good that he is feeling better and planning to go back to work again!

Now, what's this about Michael building HMS Belfast? Is that a jigsaw? Maybe one of those models? Will it float? Does it have a motor inside so you can sail it around the local boat pond?

More info please!

Did you hear about the Two Legs who loaded up the dishwasher and managed to drop her glasses in the cutlery basket and got them washed with a salt water finish!

Too much Giggle Juice?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!