Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's Sunday so it's Anti Flea Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Did we have some fun last night, we watched the Harry Potter DVD's and mugged OLD Two Legs for his shortbread then we brought the biscuit bowl onto the sofa and watched the films while having a nibble from the bowl.

Even Holly said she felt a little 'Blown Up'!

So it was a little later than normal that we went off to our beds and it was a little later this morning that we asked OTL to let us out for a wee. Of course, as soon as that was finished it was straight up to get the best spot on the bed before OTL got back into bed!

It was not long before we heard some one messing about with the front door, so we gave a little grumble, then a woof and after that, a 'Serious Woof', then it was 'WOOFIN CHARGE! as we flew down the stairs snarling and woofing, ready to defend our house from intruders. The door opened for us to see The Missus arriving back from baby sitting.

We gave her a big puppy 'Hello!' and a good 'Glad To See You' lick.

Then we rushed off to OTL for another snooze, before he got up and went for his shower!

Holly and me are glad we don't have to bathe as much as these Two Leg do but, I suppose it's because they get so smelly each day!

OTL took us to the Sea Wall for our morning walk and the tide was just going out, so there were loads of birds digging in the mud for their breakfast and we saw a fisherman going off with his fork and bucket to look for his worms as well!

Breakfast is Served!
Hey, this morning, the Advent Calender contained a bone biscuit, not very tasty but Holly and I had fun picking it up in our mouth and throwing it at each other, that was until OTL took it away!

It was then that he decided that we should have our monthly anti flea stuff. Now I know that I would not like to have fleas, what ever they are, but the stuff OTL puts on our back smells horrid! No wonder the fleas don't come near us!

OTL had a shock. TM walked into the office with her laptop and said that the screen had gone 'wobbly'!

Wobbly? She had mullered it! I think OTL said that the screen leaking like that was poison so we had better leave it alone.

That put TM in a mood, so, instead of going out for an adventure, we went off to the computer shop. OTL was not a happy puppy 'cos he fancied a run around the New Park and instead he got to run around the computer shop!

Best of all was when he came back, all sort of washed out and ashen looking, we told him we just had to go into the Doggy Shop!

We got some rawhide chews and a collar for Holly and some chicken fillets and some Jumbone chews and OTL got to pay!

So, no more runs out his afternoon 'cos OTL has been playing with the new computer getting email and Internet and networking TM's computer!

Poor Old Two Legs, he doesn't even have time to have a whisky and try to keep us away from the shortbread!

Never mind, at least we won't get any fleas!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly