Wednesday, 27 February 2013

TM tries her hand at video!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

It's been another one of those chilly, windy sort of days that the best place to be is inside cuddled up to a warm place!

We decided that this morning when we went down to the sea for our walk. It was still a North East wind, not as cold but cold enough!

We played our game of 'Chase The Ball' and again Holly joined in the fun. That was until she bit into it a bit harder than she should have. It now has a hole in it and when Old Two Legs tried to throw it, it wouldn't bounce along the path, instead it went, Thud, and didn't bounce!

In fact, I've seen a wet dish cloth with more bounce than our ball!

This time it's Mine but the Bounce has gone!
 That was it, no bounce and it went Hissss when I grabbed it!

Holly had some fun making rude noises by biting down hard on the ball and holding her tail up at the same time!

Can you hear this?
Holly decided that it would be good fun to chase a wader type bird across the mud but when she got to the edge decided she didn't want a bath when she got home and slowly backed onto the beach proper!

Well, maybe not!
 She came dashing up the beach shouting 'Watch Me!' and then did a big jump up to the path, not bad for a Porky Puppy!

A Flying Holly!
After we had our 'Morning Snooze' that lasted until lunch time, The Missus got out her iPad thingy that has a movie camera built in and told OTL to get Snowflake out of bed for some video!

It all sounded like she knew what she was doing, there was a lot of, 'Quiet on Set' and 'Action!'

After the first 'Take' she couldn't find the video file and worked out in the end that she hadn't pressed to button to 'Record'!

Wot a Plonker!

So, we did 'Take Two' but when it was finished, the file was too long to send by email and she has yet to find a way of transferring the file to OTL's computer to be 'Edited'

It looks like we will try to do it again tomorrow, fingers crossed!

News Flash!

Have a look down the bottom of the blog, OTL reckons he may have loaded a shot or two but you may need to look sideways 'cos TM didn't know how to hold the camera!

When we got back to the Sea Wall at lunch time the tide was in and we saw a funny sight. A load of 'Mini Two Legs' marching along the path with their teachers yelling out for them to 'Keep in Line'!

Why they had to keep in line I have no idea, maybe it's a 'Teacher' thing?

OK, Keep in Line at the back!
It just fascinated me to see them marching along in a line, especially as the teachers were getting all excited about 'Keeping in Line'.

Strange, very strange!

Left, Right, Left, Right,Keep in Line!
The tide was right in and the wind was blowing the salt spray all over the place and OTL had to hide his camera to prevent it from getting wet!

High Tide!
 In the afternoon, OTL was all busy with his work and even went out twice to deliver stuff, without us!

Now that is seriously bad, I mean, us, left at home!

We are going to have a chat with Snowflake to see if we can get her to chase TM all around the room when she gets her iPad thingy out again, now that should be fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Super Star Snowflake!