Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gob's still here!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Good news! Gob has been spotted in the garden this morning being fed by mum and dad! It was The Missus who saw him and recognised him by his limp. He was hopping about using his other leg and seemed much stronger. TM, being TM, who just can't let thing be, decided to go into the garden and sweep the path, at seven in the morning and still in her curlers and hairnet plus a bright pink fluffy dressing gown!

Now, that is a sight to scare the bravest of us and as soon as the birds spotted her, they were off in a frantic flurry of feathers and tweets!

TM had a look on the ground where Gob was, and, no Gob, so he is strong enough to escape an attack by a TM and her broom, that means he should be able to escape any of the natural dangers!

On our walk there was hardly any wind, so that means OTL starts sneezing  his head off! Wot a noise! If he really gets going he could start a hurricane!

So, what with his Hay fever, you can imagine, taking a photo is a bit 'Hit & Miss' the flowers are some times sharp and other times a big blur!

This is the Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon or Goats Beard that we spoke of yesterday.

Tragopogon porrifolius (Salsify)
 This flower is easy to recognise, it's the one Holly calls a 'Whizz Bang' 'cos it looks like one of those fireworks!

Real Name is Plantago media Hoary Plantain!
 Holly says that her name is the best!

As we got to the end of the Sea Wall Path, a snail came jogging past, 'Good Morning Girlie's!' he called 'Outta My Way, Snail Coming Through'!

A jogging Snail!
OTL spotted a Silver-studded Blue butterfly resting on a plant, it was waiting for the sun to warm up its wings before flying off to find some breakfast!

Silver-studded Blue
According to OTL, this species rarely flies any distance, often moving less than 20 metres in its life.

Maybe that's why it is a bit of a rarity 'cos it don't like travelling and meeting new butterflies!

Unlike this ant OTL spotted. Him and his mates were running around all over the plant, trouble was,  OTL was using a manual focus lens and the ant wouldn't stand still!

Can't stop, got too much to do!
 Back home Snowflake was having her rampage around the office. She has a new trick, she hides under Snowy Towers and when OTL isn't looking, she climbs onto the roof and chuckles when she finds the bottle of Ferretone!

Guess Wot I've Found?
Poor OTL, every time he tries to get on with his 'Stuff' either Snowflake Holly or me wants him to do something!

Of course, the other one giving him stick is TM, but that's her job!

See you tomorrow.

Bye the way, no sign of Gob since this morning, so he may have started to wander around some of the other gardens!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake