Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No Ticks Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

You can tell Summer is coming to an end, the temperature is dropping and the nights are getting colder. I am finding I either get under my blanket in bed or jump up and snuggle next to Old Two Legs in the early hours of the morning! Even Holly has taken to sleeping curled up in a ball instead of flat on her back with her legs pointing out like a Star Fish!

The wind has picked up and although the sun is shining, there are more clouds in the sky than normal!

Our run along The Sea Wall was OK, the sun was shining and Holly had got rid of her Tick and was feeling a lot better!

Happy Holly!
 I was considering a Deep Paddle but after dipping my foot in the water, I decided that a run along the beach was a better idea!

Well, maybe Not!
Back we came to The Sea Wall at lunch time, after our morning snooze and a woof at the birds in the back garden.

This time Holly had the pickle in her! First of all she tried to get me into trouble by pinching a Fisherman's lunch.

She said that she would distract him by being all Friendly and Tail Waggly while I had a rummage around in his shopping bag for anything edible.

Trouble was, OTL was right behind me!

Go on! Have a Rummage Around!
So, having failed at that we got into a game of 'Chase', I chased Holly and did the old 'Tail Grab and Twist' trick but this time I lost my grip and we both nearly went flying into the sea!

It was only when I let go at the last moment did I realise what sort of speed we were doing!

Watch out for the Sea!
It was a bit later that Holly tried to get me going again, she ran ahead and pretended she had this big juicy chew and was eating it all before I got there!

But I could see it was really a bit of wood!

Look at this Chew!
I called out 'You can't fool me, I can see it's made of wood and I pee'd on it this morning!

Yuk! Puppy Pee!
Yuk! Says Holly, I wondered what that taste was!

While she was spitting it out and going Yuk Yuk and Spit Spit, I was chasing after OTL to tell him the joke!

Hey! You Gotta hear This!
 Back home we had a lazy afternoon snoozing and woofing at the birds, there seems to be a lot of them now the feeders are back hanging up after OTL had finished with that bit of the garden.

He is still only half way through the back bit but can't do any more 'cos the garden waste bins are all full up and the Bin Men don't call until Friday!

Let's hope it doesn't rain this weekend or OTL will miss out on some gardening and will have to sit indoors watching the F1 Racing, poor thing!

Off to mug OTL for some food, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Tick Free)