Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympics and F1

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a day! F1 practise this morning, chicken for breakfast and the Olympic flame sailing up the Thames on a Royal Barge thingy!

First thing it was a bit misty and wet but no rain and there was no wind either! You could tell that by the sea lapping on the shore!

Come on, Breakfast Time!
The Gulls were sitting on the breakwater waiting for the water to go back so they can get breakfast!

Mr & Mrs Corvid were out searching for some breakfast as well, Holly said they were looking for whelks!

Seen and Whelks?
Old Two Legs spotted a spider that was hanging onto a plant

It was chilly last night!
There was a Hover Fly sitting on a bloom waiting for its wings to warm up!

Getting Warmer!
We were looking for Dragonflies for OTL but as hard as well looked, we didn't find any.

There was one of those Thistle plants that was falling apart or as OTL said, spreading it's seeds, but it was covered with dew or rain and looked like it was covered in diamonds.

Dew Diamonds!
Back home for breakfast and watch the F1 practise then switch over to watch the build up to the Olympics opening show!

OTL had to almost drag us out for our midday walk, that was because it looked like rain!

When we got down to The Sea Wall we had the best laugh we have had for ages! The tide was out, right out, in fact we couldn't even see the waters edge.

Being the summer holiday time, there is always a family or two on the beach, splashing in the water but as it was low tide, no water, so, little boys will be little boys, so the decided to have a paddle in the mud!

Tides Out!
OTL couldn't stop laughing but the two mothers sitting on the beach were gassing away and ignoring the mud bath. Even when Holly told them, they just carried on gassing!

Have you seen your children?
 Holly said that if we did that OTL would go potty!

OTL was off photographing butterflies and he found this one.

Six Spot Burnet.
Then he found another one on another plant!

Another Six-Spot Burnet!
OTL pointed out a Grass Hopper to me as I had never seen one before! I tried jumping on it but it sort of 'disappeared' in a flash!

Grass Hopper called 'Flash'!
I called out to Holly to come and look, but she was sitting down looking at the birds flying by! She said 'Yeh! I've seen them before' but I'm sure she hasn't 'cos she has never mentioned them before!

Yeah, Yeah!
Back home to catch up on the snoozing and get settled ready for the Olympics!

Tomorrow, OTL plans to wash the cars and caravan, now that should be fun, sitting inside the caravan while he sloshes around with the bucket and hose pipe!

I bet he gets soaked, he always does!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly