Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Revenge of Mr Brambles!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were up good and early this morning, well, we knew that Old Two Legs had to take Mr Brambles to the vet again to get his 'War Wound' checked and we didn't want him to be late!

As I said, 'We' were up early, OTL turned over, switched the alarm off and went back to sleep again!

He wasn't going to get away with that, so both Holly and I jumped on top of him and gave him a proper 'Wake Up' lick!

That sorted him!

A row around the office and a shower soon got him into 'Move It' mode!

It was raining while he was getting ready but it stopped as we were going out for our walk. We had decided that Snowflake could stay in bed 'cos of the rain, she doesn't really 'do' mornings and just Hates the rain!

The tide was in and I suggested that a quick dip in the ocean would be a good idea but OTL says we didn't have time and for me to 'Shift My Tail'!

Me? Shift My Tail?

Luckily, it held off raining while we went around the Sea Wall Walk and it started again just as we got back into the car!

Back home to pick up Mr Brambles and off to the vet.

Holly and I stayed in the car while Mr Brambles went in. There was no way I was going in there 'cos I've got 'Blue Coat Syndrome' which is a serious complaint and only likely to cause me to be very upset, so there!

After saying hello to a cat that was in for the yearly injection and a Lurcher who was in for an inspection and Worming Tablets, Mr Brambles got called into see the vet.

It sounds very posh when he is called in. Others get called in by their names as well, Tiddles, Sweetykins, Nellie Poo and silly names like that but when it's his turn the vet come out and calls 'MISTER BRAMBLES Please!'

You've got to admit, it has Class!

While OTL held Mr Brambles, the vet did his poking about bit with his fingers. Mr Brambles, quick as a flash whipped around and clamped his teeth onto the vets hand.

Aha! Says the vet, he remembers me! Too damn right thinks Mr Brambles, your the one that stuck me with that needle and chopped a bit off my flank plus shaved me so I get a chill if I don't wrap up good and warm in my bed!

In the end Mr Brambles let him go without tasting blood, 'Just a Warning this time' says Mr Brambles, 'Us Ferrets got feelings too you know!'

When he came out and told us I thought it was great, Holly nearly laughed he tail odd and Snowflake said it was no more than he deserved, poking about while Mr Brambles was still sore!

Back home OTL cooked up our Lambs Heart breakfast he had purchased yesterday. Now, as we had run out, he purchased four packs at the local Morrisons Super Store and when he got home, was just about to deposit three of the packs in the freezer when he decided to look at the instructions on the label. Now, this is unusual for OTL to read instruction but this time he spotted the bit that says 'Don't put in freezer 'cos it has been frozen before'!

Mmm! Thinks OTL, what shall we do now? Then he has a brilliant idea! He will 'Batch Cook' them, slice them up and put into the plastic containers that The Missus uses when she 'Batch Cooks' his twenty gallons of curry, then pop them all in the freezer!

So, this morning OTL has been busy in the kitchen, dancing around in his 'Pinny' banging pots and pans and pretending he is the winner of Master Chef!

Mind you, that Lambs Heart this morning was Particularly Good!

Lunch time came and we looked out of the window, yes, it was still raining, but OTL saw a patch of clear sky, so he bundled us and Snowflake into the car and you know what? It stopped raining when we got to the Sea Wall!

We spotted the Wormy Bird again but this tile there were no Wormy Men on the mud!

It's the Wormy Bird again!
Down on the beach Snowflake found that large lump of wood that Mr Brambles was playing with a few days ago. 'Here', she said, 'I reckon that I'll shift this with the Old Ferret Shoulder Shove!'

So, she tried, and she tried and she gave up! 'It's stuck in the sand!' she said and wandered off.

I'll use the Old Ferret Shoulder Shove!
Next thing we saw was her on the slopes of the Sea Wall, 'Hey! Girls!' she called, 'Fancy a race along the Wall of Death?'

Who's up for a race along The Wall of Death?
'No fear!' says Holly, 'You'll beat us every time!' So I challenged Holly to a race to the end of the beach and back again!

Come on Porky Puppy, your slacking!
She lost 'cos I'm faster than her!

Snowflake stuck her nose in the air and said that there was rain near, so we all galloped back to the car, poor OTL was being dragged back at twice the speed he normally goes at but at least we didn't get wet!

Come on OTL, we're nearly there!
 Just as we got into the car, down came the rain again!

Back home we all had a snooze, Snowflake curled up in her bed and was soon snoring her head off!

Before snoozing ourselves, Holly and I had a little game chasing each other around, hunting the last bit of the chew OTL gave us yesterday. I got it in the end but decided to hide it away from Holly's prying nose!

OTL reckons on having curry tonight, so that means we will only get a wipe of curry gravy on the naan bread, not exactly a feast!

Never mind, it looks like chicken tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles, (getting better all the while!)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OTL Triumphs Again!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles, (Still a bit sore)!

Well, all is well this end of the world. Mr Brambles had a restful night and so did Snowflake. They were both in separate beds and different floors!

Mr Brambles was up early with Old Two Legs and the rowing machine. You know he is doing well over a thousand strokes in about thirty five minutes so that is good news!

OTL had a problem trying to work out how to get Mr Brambles to take his medicine, it's not worth sloshing it over his ferret nuggets 'cos you don't know what one he is going to eat and which one he will store under his bed for later!

Our normal routine is to give the ferrets a drink of Lactose Free milk first thing and Mr Brambles is a right pig for it. Problem solved! A little drop of milk and a squirt of medicine and Hey Presto! Medicine taken!

Sneaky Old Two Legs!

Mr Brambles was left in bed while Snowflake came out with us for a run first thing. It was sunny and not much wind and no rabbits! Mind you, I did look for them but they were hiding in their burrows and wouldn't come out!

Snowflake had some fun on the beach, she found an old tree branch and asked us what it was about a bit of dead wood that made us, well me, jump in the water?

But it's just a twig!
 Holly thought it was a great laugh and told Snowflake to throw the stick. I was up on the Sea Wall and heard them talking, so I peeped over the top and said 'Go on then, just throw it and see what happens!

Go On, Throw it then!
 Before she could do anything a real Bozo of a doggy came bounding up to the wall and started to woof at Snowflake.

Come up here and let me see you!
 We all thought it was rather rude of him especially as he hadn't introduce himself properly and none of us knew how he sniffed!

I don't like that Bozo of a Dog!
 Holly and I both woofed at him and he quickly got the message.........Woof Of Bozo!

Back home to a super chicken breakfast and OTL did his clearing up while we were eating.

After breakfast OTL gave us a choice, stay at home and snooze of come with him to deliver some stuff and maybe drop in at the New Park!

Silly question, we were at the front door before he even finished the question!

Mind you, there was a lot to do but in the end we got to the New Park and I was looking forward to a swim in the Swimming Hole!

OTL didn't see things my way and we had a walk around the back of the park, where all the rabbits normally run about. So, no swimming today!

Around the Back Roads!
 When we couldn't find any rabbits in the open Holly and I tried our luck in amongst the trees and bushes!

Well, they Have been here!
 Sadly we were out of luck, no matter how hard we tried. Holly reckons they may just be out shopping down the supermarket!

'Hello Watchers!'
 We carried on and didn't forget to say hello to The Watchers as we passed.

Then we met up with a few of the locals, some big ones and some small ones, of course we all shared information on sniffs!

Yo Matey, did you catch the sniff at the sign post? Pretty Good it is!

Back home we both crashed out for a well earned snooze and you know what? Those ferrets didn't even wake up to say 'Hello'!

Tomorrow we are back down the vets with Mr Brambles, just to get his 'War Wound' checked out to make sure everything is mending properly.

So, bye bye for now and we'll be back tomorrow with any news.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oh No! Not the Vets Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had an early night last night 'cos Old Two Legs was tired and we also had to get up early this morning to get everything done before Mr Brambles appointment with the vet.

At six, OTL was in the office and had removed the food bowl so Mr Brambles couldn't have any food before his operation. That didn't please Mr Brambles 'cos he likes to have his breakfast while watching OTL thrash around the office getting nowhere fast on that soppy rowing machine!

It was good and sunny this morning so we all went to the beach and had some fun digging and playing chase. Once again, Snowflake managed not to wee over OTL's arm as he carried her early on in the walk. Mr Brambles on the other paw just wanted to go the opposite way to where us and OTL were going, typical ferret!

By the time we got to the beach Snowflake was awake and off to dig a hole or two, Mr Brambles was investigating every lump of sea weed he could find. I think he was looking for food 'cos he hadn't had his breakfast this morning!

Any food here?
Holly said it was a good job there were no Wormy Men or Fishermen around or Mr Brambles would have mugged them for their sandwiches!

Seen any Wormy Men around?
We got back to the car without one rabbit showing its tail and soon we were off to the vets. We were a little early so we sat in the car looking at the Bozo's in the kennels next door. They were woofing to be let out and running up and down their pens. In a way I feel sorry for them, left in the kennels while their owners go on holiday. That's where we are lucky 'cos OTL and The Missus always take us away with them and I know that OTL is trying to work out how he can take the ferrets away on holiday as well!

Back home we had another super Chicken meal that just slipped down with little chewing and it was so moist and tasty!

That OTL sure cooks a mean meal!

It was getting towards one when we couldn't stand the waiting any longer and OTL telephoned the vet to find out how Mr Brambles was doing. He was told that Mr Brambles had come out of anaesthetic and was awake but a bit dopey! Holly said that was his normal state!

It was decided to leave him resting until three before collecting him. We all reckon he will be starving when he gets back so OTL has put his food bowl next to the bed so he doesn't have to exert himself too much!

After getting the good news we went out for our midday walk along the Sea Wall. The sun was shining and there was a bit of a breeze blowing but we didn't mind 'cos we were happy that Mr Brambles was OK!

Sunshine Today!
 Holly and I were playing 'Chase' and the idea is to hide and then jump out and shout 'Boo'!

I hid at the top of the steps behind OTL who was walking up the steps.

Getting ready to BOO!
OTL was interested in a Curlew that was doing a good impression of a Wormy Bird!

A Wormy Curlew!
 Around the corner what did we see? Digging for all they were worth, yes! Wormy Men!

Holly called out to see if they had any sandwiches but they both ignored her, that only got her excited and she jumped up and down woofing and calling them 'Wormy Bozo's'!

A Pair of Bozo Wormy Men in front of the Whirly Gigs!
Back home we had a little time to kill before picking up Mr Brambles and Holly and I fell asleep and you know what? OTL sneaked out to pick up Mr Brambles on his own!

Well, we were impressed with the scar he will have, it's enormous! Mind you, he wasn't in a very good mood when he got back. For a start, he has to be kept separate from Snowflake 'cos she might lick his scar and infect it. OTL put them both together to begin with, just so they can say 'Hello' and she gave him a lick on the ear and snuggled up to him but he was not in a good mood, so OTL blocked up the door in the cage and he is upstairs and she is down stairs!

He has had a bit of a rampage around but OTL stayed with him, OTL says it is possibly the anaesthetic upsetting him but OTL started giving a little Ferretone to stop him running around and then after a while put him back in the upstairs part where he snuggled down into the ferret bed and crashed out!

OTL had got a freshly washed bed out so that there would be no nasty stuff to infect the wound.

Snowflake then did the same downstairs and at the moment, peace has been restored 'cos we have two sleeping ferrets!

OTL has got some medicine for him to take but we are not sure how we are going to get it down him, it's OK for the nurse to say 'once a day and this is how you use a syringe to get it out', getting it out is not the problem, getting it into him is!

Still, OTL does have a way with us and if there is a way, he will find it!

So, both ferrets are snoozing, so OTL is going to creep out of the office and make some dinner for himself and we may just mug him for a bit. (Gammon Steak, again)!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Sore but OK!)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Windy Day and Mr Brambles is down the vets!

Hello Woofers!

We are still here, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (with a lovely fluffy tail!)

We survived the night but didn't it blow and didn't it blow this morning!

Old Two Legs had a look out of the window at six and watched the trees bending almost double because of the wind and rain!

Off he went to check where the insurance papers were!

While he was paddling around the office on the rowing machine, Mr Brambles woke up and decided he wanted a wee and wandered down to the Poo Pot. OTL saw that there was a large patch of dried blood where his wart is. On closer inspection it looks like he has been either biting or scratching it to make it bleed like that. A wash down with warm salty water showed that it had been torn and that's why it's bleeding.

At nine, guess who was on the phone to the vets for an appointment?

At ten guess who was sitting in the vets waiting room?

The vet they went to see is the one that Snowflake had a taste of when she first went down there for a check up, he was the one that shoved his hand into the cage to get Snowflake out before she was good and ready!

Mr Brambles on the other hand is such a sweetheart and wouldn't think of nipping anyone, much!

Well, the vet did an inspection, checked his heart, looked at the wart and agreed to take Mr Brambles in tomorrow morning and operate at about ten in the morning. He is not allowed to eat anything from six in the morning, so OTL has to take the food bowl away then, that won't please him at all!

Our walk was without the ferrets this morning 'cos OTL thought we may get caught in the rain, so off we went and got caught in the rain!

It looks just as black behind us!
It started off by being light'ish rain, then it got to be Heavy Rain and then it got to be Heavy Rain Driven Sidewards By The Wind into OTL's face!

Still, we managed to get a Rainbow and as it was so close we were tempted to rush down to the end of the Rainbow and claim the Pot of Gold!

Quick! Pickup the Pot of Gold!
But we didn't 'cos we were getting too wet!

It was back home and then off to the vets, but we have told you all about that already!

Now, you all know that on the 30th November, The Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre will be running a Ferret Show in the Harrietsham Village Hall and it starts at about 09.00hr and finishes about 18.00hr. I suppose it depends on how many ferrets want to take part!

We had a look on the Harrietsham  Ferret Site and find that the classes have been announced, so, now all we have to do is choose the ones that the ferrets should enter!

So, we reckon we could get Snowflake into the Albino class to begin with. Then Mr Brambles could get into the 'Sandy' and the 'Disabled & Veterans' section on account of his missing toes and deformed claws on his back legs and then there is his 'Wart Scar' which he says will be his 'War Wound' and he can tell the story of how he got it fighting the Weasels, so that make him a War Veteran!

Then of course there must be a section called the 'Judges Favourite' which is a sort of 'No Holds Barred' section that anyone could win, depending on how sweet you are or how much you bribe the judges, even OTL could stand a chance in that section if he wasn't so tight !

So, there are two chances for Mr Brambles and one for Snowflake and a possible 'Favourite' section for both.

Claws crossed!

We had Lambs Heart again today, cooked to perfection, OTL should give up work and get a job as a Doggy Chef, we reckon he would make a fortune and on top of that we would get loads of grub as well!

By the time midday arrived, the sun had come out and the rain had gone as well, so off we went down to the Sea Wall.

We were going to wake the ferrets up and take them with us but they looked so warm and comfortable that we left them cuddled up!

Cuddled Up!
 All together .............................Aaaaah!

When we got down there, it started to rain, but only for a few minutes, then the sun came out again but the wind still blew the trees around.

We could see the storm being blown out over the North Sea towards Denmark, they are welcome to it!

Bye Bye Storm!
 While we were on the Sea Wall a ship came in off the North Sea and it looked very pleased to be sailing up The Medway!

 Holly was skipping along the Sea Wall singing and dancing, you can tell she is pleased the storm had past.

Boo Boopy Doo!
 I haven't said anything yet but we are getting close to when those Whizz Bangs are let off making a lot of noise and Holly doesn't like them at all!

We are expecting some good mugging as OTL is planning to have a Gammon Steak tonight then followed by some Shortbread!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mr Brambles Tail and The Begining of The Storm!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles are here again!

We must tell you something straight away, Mr Brambles tail is getting better!

Well, let me explain. You see, when Mr Brambles came to stay with us, we noticed that his tail got very bald, a bit like Old Two Legs, but on a good day! We never mentioned it and we know that OTL has been keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any worse or even if there is a mite infection!

It got to being quite bald from about half way along it and all you could see was skin, unless you looked carefully and then there was fine hair. OTL thought that the condition was called 'Rat Tail' and could be caused by many things. Sitting down and having a good think, OTL reckons that Mr Brambles was a bit worried when he arrived here and couldn't work out where he was and why he couldn't see cages all around him with other ferrets in them. Being a little worried like that, his hair fell out of his tail and OTL reckons that is why he got 'Rat Tail'!

Doing some reading on the subject, OTL reckons that if he, Mr Brambles that is, feels comfortable with our place and he gets on well with Snowflake, then the next time he has a moult, the hair will grow back!

You know what? It's growing back!

Looking at his tail you can't see the skin unless he gets excited and makes it stand on end, like wot ferrets do when they are ferreting around and getting excited!

We haven't taken any pictures of his tail 'cos he is still a little sensitive about it but when he gets a full tail of hair, we will show you what it looks like!

That was good news, what next?

We were awake early this morning and we blame the clocks going backward an hour, but at least we are back to good old GMT!

Down on the beach this morning it was bright and sunny, in fact Snowflake said she fancied having a bit of a sunbathe to catch up on her tan!

Catching a few Rays!
 Mr Brambles on the other hand was more interested in digging another hole!

A Hole, A Hole, My Kingdom for A Hole!
 Back home we had the most sumptuous Chicken and Biscuits breakfast ever! We were watching OTL doing the cooking and saw that after cooking the chicken in the oven he stripped the meat off the bone, chopped it up smallish and mixed it with some of our biscuits, then, just like yesterday, he scooped out some of the chicken stock from the pan with a big spoon and poured it over the chicken and biscuits!

Both Holly and I were 'Nose Down, Tails Up' until most of the bowl was empty, we just left a bit for a snack later on!

OTL went back to stripping the wall in the entrance hall and we retired to bed, just for a little snooze you understand!

Come lunch time, OTL cleared up all the mess and once that was done we went down the Sea Wall again.

Once we were out of the car, we noticed that the wind was really up and OTL even left his hat in the car, not wishing it to get blown off his bald head!

Looking out to sea, you could see where the wind had blown the water into a strange parallel lines, it was something we had never seen before!

Although the wind was warm, it was certainly starting to get a 'Blow On' and looking around you could see preparations being made to get out of the storm.

We spotted a beetle scurrying along, heading for his 'Storm Shelter' under the pile of grass on the Sea Wall.

Jus' Taking Cover Girls!
 OTL was interested in the 'Depth of Field' offered by his little 'Point and Shoot' camera, like, not very much!

I wandered on and had a sniff at some earth on the Sea Wall that used to be home to those worms the Wormy Men dig up. I was just about to have a roll in it when OTL came up behind me and said 'No!'

I sniff an Interesting sniff!
 He can be a right old spoil sport sometimes!

On the way back there was some rain on the windscreen of the car, maybe the start of The Storm?

OTL told us about the storm that arrived back in 1987 and how much damage it did, claws crossed this storm will be a little gentler to us this time!

Mind you, if it gets really bad, we will get in bed with OTL and put our heads under the duvet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles and his new tail!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Day With OTL

Hi Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were up early again today, that's because Old Two Legs fell out of bed this morning trying to turn the alarm clock off!

Still, it means that the ferrets got woken up early as OTL got onto the rowing machine and woke them up with his puffing and blowing!

Holly and I stayed in bed and carried on snoozing until it was time to go for a walk!

We got down there just after the sun crept over Sheerness.

Good Morning Sheerness!
Just for a change it wasn't raining but the wind was blowing a bit and it was a real pain trying to get Snowflake to have a wee and a walk, all she wanted to do is to climb back up into OTL's arm!

It's too cold down here, pick me up Daddy!
Mind you, she didn't wee on OTL's arm!

The Beach was fun, we all had a run on the sand, well until the ferrets decided to dig a hole big enough to drive a car into!

OK, this is where we are going to start the hole!
The only problem was, OTL didn't want to wait until they finished!

I must admit, even Holly thought that it was a 'Hole Too Far'!

I just Don't Believe It!
Mr Brambles got The Huff and left the hole and headed back to the car saying that there was no fun left when we came out with him!

Cheek! It is he who comes out with us!

Those Dogs are becoming really Boring!
Well that was it, back home for some breakfast and OTL really came up with the goods today! We had Lambs Heart and Biscuits and OTL poured the gravy from the roasting tin over the biscuits and then scrapped the jelly from the bottom of the tin and put that on top of the biscuits as well and on top of all that, it was all warm as well!

Oh, WOW! That OTL certainly knows how to cook our meals and so far, NO DOGGY SCOFF!

While we were sleeping off our super breakfast OTL got going on the decorating again but it is really slow going 'cos the cork tiles are stuck on with a rubber based industrial glue, so he has to not only get the tiles off but he has to take the paint off as well!

Still, it keeps him out of trouble!

Tomorrow looks like it is going to be fun. First off the weather looks like it is going to be 'Stormy' but on top of that, the clocks are going back an hour, mind you, that means we get an extra hour in bed!

We are off now to do some serious mugging, OTL is cooking his dinner.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Doggy's Doo Dah's

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had some fun last night, after The Missus left for those strange lands north of the Thames!

Holly got the pickle in her and pinched my chew and refused to give it back. I chased her all over the House and around the garden!

Then, when I was hiding at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her, she hid the chews under Old Two Legs pillow on his bed!

It took me ages to find it!

This morning we were up early, well OTL was, we stayed in bed, OTL was thrashing around the office on his paddling machine, waking the ferrets up in the process!

Then a quick shower and it was off to the Sea Wall. It had only just got light by the time we got down there and we managed to sneak up on a couple of rabbits who were still half asleep.

Mind you, they woke up quickly when we came storming down the path!

Snowflake got put down for a wee and Mr Brambles went off hunting rabbits and weasels in the long grass.

Why is it still dark?
OTL was all in a hurry this morning and it suddenly dawned on us that we were rushing just to get down to The Parlour when it opened, so we'd be first in line!

Which we were!

I won't bore you with the details of our 'Shampoo & Set' only to say that one day I'm going to strap that Two Legs into that contraption and give her a wash down with the hose pipe, turned onto FREEZING COLD SETTING!

It was just after two in the afternoon before OTL came to rescue us.

After a lick and a kiss we were off to the Sea Wall again.

Do we look The Business or Wot?
Holly said that we should have waited until we had our 'Shampoo & Set before having our Birthday picture taken but in the end agreed that although we looked better, it would have been late and therefore 'Not Right'!

When we arrived there we spotted the little Westie who said we both looked the Doo Dahs! and had a sniff just to double check!

Wot Shampoo did they use?
When we got home there was bits of stuff on the floor that normally were on the wall, OTL explained that he was going to decorate the Hall with new stuff and make it look all bright and new while TM was away.

That was after he had done some major repairs where TM keeps bashing into the corner of the wall when she comes in with her 'Card Making Shopping Trolley Thingy Wottsit That Looks Like A Centurion Tank'!

Poor lad was scrapping away all afternoon and hasn't got very far 'cos the wall is covered with cork tiles that were stuck on with some industrial strength glue and that is causing him serious trouble!

We managed to get him to clear it all up and cook our dinner, Chicken, all warm and greasy plus the skin and a few biscuits, I'll tell you it went down a treat!

So, here we are, sitting on the sofa, chewing on a cold carrot while OTL has a slurp and some shortbread!

So, see you tomorrow and don't forget to batten down the hatches 'cos the wind is coming!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Results!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Thank you to all those who voted for our Birthday Picture on the blog and by email, we are still counting them all but I reckon the results will come in before we publish a bit later!

This morning was super, loads of sun shine and a heavy dew on the grass. A heavy dew means that we all get wet from our noses all the way through to our tails!

Snowflake was put down for a wee and as soon as she had finished, she was back up to Old Two Legs leg trying to scramble back up to the warmth of his arm!

She can be a right wimp sometimes!

Mind you, when we got down to the beach both she and Mr Brambles started digging holes.

You know what, they are getting good at these holes!
Holly and I had a game of chase up and down the sand.

We started off like two 'Gunslingers', giving each other the old 'Hairy Eyeball' and waiting for the other one to make the first move!
Watching you!
 Then it was the first to point the tail who won!

 Then the chase started and we rushed around all over the place!

We even managed to jump over the two ferrets while they were investigating the bottom of their hole!

Was that a Low Flying Doggy?
 Pretty soon we were back in the car and heading for home 'cos OTL had some work to do and the ferrets wanted to get some sleep before our lunchtime games!

The lunch time walk was great, the sun was shining and we met up with Max and Oscar who were out for their midday walk as well.

Who is that up there?
They were looking to see if the ferrets were around 'cos Oscar likes to woof  at them!

Hey! Gotta Ferret spare?
A short walk and we bumped into a new woofer who's name is Holly! So we had a Holly saying hello to another Holly!

Yes, we are just visiting for the week.
 We got back home to find The Missus piling up the boxes of card stuff, you know we could hardly get in the front door!

She is off for a week or so to do some baby sitting up in Coventry and of course, while she is up there she will be doing one of her Master Classes!

Now, that means OTL will be doing the cooking, so we will get the skin left on our chicken and the Lambs Heart will be served up hot and juicy!

We will be able to eat our chews and carrots on the sofa and spend all day sleeping on his bed with our legs in the air!

Holly reckons that we should let the ferrets have the run of TM card room!

Well, it's only a suggestion!

Now, we have counted up all the votes and can announce that the photo we called No.1 got the most votes!

So, thanks for all the votes and here is the Winner!

Daisy & Holly 2013
Who needs TM's Master Class in Card Making, we're 'Self Taught Super Puppy's'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Day After!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

Now, first things first, no shouting!

After yesterdays fun and games and pigging out last night we both are a little 'delicate' this morning!

We had our run out this morning and managed to dodge the showers, so that was good, but the morning was spent being very quiet and snoozing on the bed while Old Two Legs finished off his VAT thing.

Both ferrets enjoyed the run out and Snowflake did manage to wee on the ground instead of all over OTL's coat, (his second, very special mountain climbing coat)!

We could see the rain all around us but there were breaks in the clouds and we could see the blue sky's above, so, claws crossed, it may clear up later today!

Loads of Rain!
Snowflake and Mr Brambles had their dig in the sand and sniff among the sea weed then they stopped and looked at the clouds. 'Come on' says Mr Brambles, we have just got time to get back to the car before it starts raining again!

OK girl, are you ready to go?
That was it, we were all off back to the car and you know what? It started to rain just as OTL was opening the car door, that Mr Brambles is good!

Talk about a close thing!

We did have to run from the car into the house but that was just a little bit of water that OTL soon dried off us!

Lunch time came and we were feeling a bit more 'Doggy' than first thing this morning!

I sat at OTL's office door and did my special 'I wanna go out' whine, it works every time!

Soon we were down on the Sea Wall and the sun was shining and the tide was coming in and I just fancied a swim, however, OTL saw the look in my eye and reminded me that I have my super new collar on and it wasn't ready yet for a swim in the sea!

Instead of swimming we went off sniffin' the sniffs and chasing each other around the beach.

Now, yesterday we forgot to show you our 'Birthday Portrait' and that was because OTL hadn't taken it!

So, here we are, a Birthday Picture of Holly and Daisy, four years old and with our fancy new collars!

Now we have a problem, which one shall we choose? OTL likes the first one and I like the second one but Holly reckons number three is the best.

So, we have decided to let you choose which one will be our 'Official Birthday Portrait'

Number 1

Number 2


Number 3
As it is our birthday we will not ask for votes on a five pound note, instead we will just take comments below!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles