Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snoozy, Sleety Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake back with you on a Super Sunday!

A Big Woofing Welcome to Hellen, who we met at the Master Class on Saturday, I remember her stroking me as well! She has now joined our Merry Band of Woofers!

We had a late night last night 'cos Old Two Legs was watching a DVD and then decided to watch the second in the series!

Snowflake has arranged her blankets now so that they are like a nest and she digs her head underneath then curls up into a 'Ferret Doughnut' with her tail wrapped over her nose!

Luxury or Wot?

It was a late walk this morning along The Sea Wall and we met up with Ella who we had met before and OTL got chatting with her owner 'cos they both lived near to each other in South London and were comparing the conditions here in North Kent to South London, no comparison as far as we are concerned! We remember going to see Grandma in South London and deciding then that we lived in the best place!

Ella doing her Pose!
OTL managed to get another early picture of the colours of the sunrise over Sheerness but what it doesn't show you is the sleet that was blowing in off the sea! 

The Snow Fairy is Coming!
It won't be long before the Snow Fairy arrives!

Back home we had Chicken and Biscuits for breakfast and OTL gave Snowflake a Whole Chicken Leg!

All 'Raw an Wriggly' just as she likes it!

OTL was cleaning out her cage while she had a run around, she did her normal trick of picking up anything she could carry and hiding it in a cardboard box that OTL 'Engineered' for her, including an AA battery, which OTL took off her and hid in the draw!

The last thing was the brush!

It's Mine, all Mine!
OTL, being a sneaky Two Legs put a couple of drops of Ferretone onto the back of his hand again and let Snowflake lick it off. He is getting her used to him picking her up and if she associates OTL with good things, like food and Ferretone then she will be less likely to bite him. Unless she just fancies a lump of OTL as a treat!

After she has licked OTL's hand clean so there is nothing left but the sniff, she sets about finding where this elixir is kept and OTL leaves the top open so she can clean up any that is left on the cap!

If you can't find a Finger to chew on, then I'd recommend Ferretone to all my friends!
 Lunchtime came and Holly was not a 'Happy Puppy'. Normally she gets a bit of whatever OTL is having but as she is now on a diet, no nibbles!

She sits behind OTL and woofs, which means, 'Gissa Bit' but OTL doesn't have any food, he is going on a diet in sympathy with Holly! Now don't get me wrong, he could do with loosing a few kilos but poor Holly thinks he has food hidden on his desk top and demands she is lifted up to see that it is empty. Then she is off downstairs to see if The Missus has any food left, but by then it is all gone and all Holly has got is her carrot!

Not a Happy Puppy!

Our lunch time walk along The Sea Wall was 'Quickish!' 'cos the temperature had dropped to just two degrees and it was windy as well! We must get OTL to dig out his anemometer so he can see the wind speed and also get the 'Chill Factor', Holly says that 'it's chilly enough now, thank you very much!'

We had a game of 'Chase the Ball' but had to keep it on the path 'cos the tide was right in!

High Tide!
 It was fun watching Holly trying to dodge the sea spray as it crashed against the Sea Wall, in fact I tried to get her to run just when the waves came crashing in but there wasn't enough 'Crash' and she got away without getting wet!

Quick! Run!
I was OK 'cos I went the long way around and missed everything!

Look, I got the Wind under my Tail!
Back home Snowflake was getting some big ideas, this time she pinched the big TV controller and hid it in her box!

Got the Big One Now!
 I'll say this for her, she can certainly move some big stuff for her size, mind you, it soon tires her out!

Don't she look Sweet!

Looking at her like this you'd think that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, OTL's Fingers, Bones and TV Controllers, Yes, but not Butter!

OTL's got curry tonight, so no mugging anything there and I reckon the shortbread will stay in it's tin box as well!

Holly is not going to be happy about that!

See you tomorrow and don't forget to wrap up warm, the Snow Fairy is on her way!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (Got any bones I can chew?)