Thursday, 15 November 2012

Play Misty With Us!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you!

First of all, a big 'Woofing' welcome to Heather who has joined our select bunch of Woofers. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and some of the tricks we play on OTL!

It is good to have Old Two Legs back with us and to show him how much we missed him, Holly and I took turns in jumping up on the bed and giving him a 'Welcome Home Lick', every hour or two last night!

Mind you, he did give us a tickle behind the ear each time, so reckon he was pleased to be back!

Now, we did do a bit of sniffin of his trouser leg, as you do, and we picked up the traces of a woofer we didn't know! We reckon that the B&B he stayed in had a woofer that was friendly towards OTL!

We will have to keep our eye on him!

This morning it was very misty down on The Sea Wall, we could barely see the beach from the wall!

Misty or Wot!
There were some visitors to the UK having a wander around the beach and picking up sea shells, what ever turns you on!

Can we WOOF now?
Holly and I said 'Hello' but we didn't get a reply and when they were talking to each other, we didn't understand what they were saying, so we left them alone to ferret around for some good shells, maybe a whelk shell that Mrs Corvid had left behind after her breakfast!

I was naughty, I found this pile of poo and it was a super sniff, so I had a roll in it!

OTL was not happy with me and I had to have a wash when we got home!

Before we got home, OTL was rushing around with his camera snapping away at the cob webs that were all covered with misty drops of water.

Cob Web.
 Some of them were very pretty but as soon as you touch them, the water all falls off!

Water Jewels!
Well it keeps him busy while we rush around chasing the rabbits! You know it is really difficult chasing rabbits in the mist, one moment they are sitting there, all bold as brass and then 'Poof' they disappear in the mist!

It was such fun that we did the same with OTL, he came chasing after us and we just ran around in circles and disappeared, only to appear behind him with a Woof!

It was still misty at lunch time but the tide was in and we could see the water. OTL was throwing my golf ball for me. It's great fun 'cos it bounces along the Sea Wall and sometimes goes into the grass and other times it flies onto the beach.

Today it was going into the grass, until OTL did one of his 'Special Sneaky Throws' and it bounced along the Sea Wall, onto the steps and bounced off them onto beach and went 'Plop' into the sea!
Where's me ball gone?
Well, I was in like a shot, having a ferret around looking for the ball but it had disappeared. OTL was telling me to get out of the water but I was running in and out collecting sea weed and pretending it was my ball!

A bit further on we spotted a Fisherman, well Holly spotted him first and as normal he got the old 'Hairy Eyeball' treatment and quizzed by Holly on what food he had on him!

Wotcha Got In Here?
Holly was out of luck 'cos he had eaten his sandwiches about an hour before we arrived!

OTL spotted the sun trying to break through the clouds but gave up in the end!

Is that the sun or is the Chimney on Fire?
Off we went again, after another rabbit who was doing the Misty Trick, this time we nearly got him, but he got to his rabbit hole moments before we got there and we could hear him shouting rude rabbit comments from deep underground!

Back home to a rub down with our towel and a snooze on the sofa before dinner. 

Tomorrow we are going to go down The Forest with OTL 'cos we haven't been there all week and the squirrels must be wondering where we have gone to!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly