Friday, 16 March 2012

Clear the Decks, OTL is planning to work this Weekend!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

After I posted the blog last night I settled down to a good snooze in the 'Day Bed' but got woken up by The Missus banging doors and running up and down the stairs, she was getting ready to go to bed, at nine thirty!

Anyway, with TM upstairs, that left Old Two Legs and Holly downstairs, Holly chewing on her favorite chew and OTL watching some film on the television.

Now, this chew Holly has is one she keeps carrying around with her all the time. She even takes it out in the garden when she wants a wee! So, it is my job to get it off her and tucked up in my bed!

I start of by laying down in front of her and wag my tail. (Invitation to a little game?).

No movement.

Then I start to 'talk' to her, to you that would sound like me doing a low down grumble and a bit of a whine.

Still no movement.

Then I jump onto OTL's lap and do the same from there, adding a 'woof' or two just for good measure!

Still no movement.

Next I jump down, walk up to her and 'Paw' the chew away from in front of her.

Quick as a flash, she leaps forward, picks up the chew, grumbles seriously at me and runs behind the chair!


A quick whine while standing at the back door gets OTL up and me and Holly shoo'd into the garden for our late night wee.

OTL grabs the chew from Holly as she heads out the door.

Out I dash, have a quick wee while Holly is still sniffin the air, then back again inside, grabbing the chew off the coffee table on my way back up to bed!

Mission Accomplished!

I reckon I'm pretty clever sometimes!

This morning I found she had sneaked into my bed and pinched it back again!

She can be just as sneaky sometimes!

We went for a walk along the Sea Wall and the first thing we spotted was.............No Barrel!

Barrel Gone Walkabout!
We reckon it has gone for a wander around the country side looking for other interesting things to do, like hunting chews!

A bit further on we were descended upon by Barney, 'Wheeeeeeee! Girlies' he called and almost landed on Holly and me while we were having a sniff of something interesting!


Barney had got a new ball and was chasing about with it and sometimes letting his owner throw it for him to chase.

Holly and I surprised him by chasing after the ball at the same time!

Quick get it!

It soon got into a game of 'chase and shove'!

OK, Let's Get Him!

Then OTL got our ball out and Barney tried to grab them both!

Holly and Barney got into some 'Discussions' about ownership of both balls.


Which developed into 'Meaningful Discussions!'

I said, Drop It Lanky!

Followed by 'The Ultimatum!' 

You keep him busy and I'll bite his tail!

That did it, we got our ball back!

Back home for breakfast and a snooze.

Lunch time we were out again and this time we saw the First Wheatear of the year arrive on the Sea Wall. It looked all super smart in it's new plumage. So we are going to keep our eyes open for the rest of the flock who must be following close behind!

First Wheatear this year!
I spotted the Wormy Man out on the mud digging away before the tide came back in.

Wormy Man!

Holly spotted a 'Wormy Curlew' also digging away for all its worth before the tide came in!

Holly's Wormy Curlew

We are off to see the new baby tomorrow, not sure if we will be allowed anywhere near it, Holly might want to have a taste!

We have left OTL up in his office, tidying up the work tops, we think he is planning to do some work on his 'Portfolio' for an award he hopes to get sometime in the next year!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly