Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Damp Day for Daisy

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again.

Today started out just super, we had our walk and got some chicken for breakfast. Afterwards we ran into the garden and I found the chew that Holly had hidden, you can't get past my nose! I had a chew and Holly just sat there giving me the 'Hairy Eyeball' until I'd finished with it, then she grabbed it and ran away to hide it again!

A little later Old Two Legs came down stairs with a box of stuff and said he was going out. Well, he goes nowhere without us! So me and Holly sat by the front door making sure he couldn't go anywhere without us seeing!

Off we went to deliver some stuff and afterwards he took us down to a beach. I sort of remember this beach before but Holly says she has never seen it before.

With all the sunshine, Holly and me just lazed on the beach while OTL sat there taking photos. There wasn't much to photograph, well I didn't think so!

Holly Beach Belle

OTL says Holly is a Beach Belle, I just think she is a Ding-a-Ling!

Daisy calling for a Cocktail Drink

We tried to get OTL to serve us drinks and nibbles again but he said he was on strike and we could get them ourselves!

We went onto the pier to see the fishermen and try to get some fish or a nibble of their sandwiches but no one had caught any fish and they had hid their food, they must have seen us coming!

Worm bathing!
After all that, we headed back to the New Park where OTL said we could have a good run around 'cos we'd been such good puppies. Well that was OK by us and I was in a mood for chasing balls and sticks.

OTL hadn't brought our ball so we hunted around and before long found an old, well chewed ball that he threw for us to chase. By the time we'd got to the Swimming Hole, we'd lost it again! So OTL found a bit of a branch for us to chase and when we got to the Swimming Hole he threw it in.

As it was hot I didn't mind going in after it and soon was swimming a little to get the stick. At one time I even put my head under the water to grab the stick, which was OK but I couldn't breath, I could hear Holly calling out 'Breath through your ears', which was a bit daft 'cos my ears were under water as well!

Breath through your ears!
 I'm getting all big and brave now and the water is not so scary as before.

 After our run, I was still a little damp and OTL said I looked like a drown rat which I thought was unkind, my tail looks a lot better than a rats tail!

A little Damp Daisy!
Holly was all dry so she let me cuddle up to her on the way back to help me dry off.

We all went to the vet with Holly and the vet says that she is getting better and he still didn't know what Holly had got on her nose. It could have been a plant like nettles or mites, or even some chemicals she found on the beach. All we do know is that she is getting better. She has medicine for the rest of the week and she is to keep taking that and only come back if there is any sign of her nose getting worse.

Well, that was good news, and I got to get out of there without the vet looking at me, so that is also good news!

OTL put me on the weighing machine and I was 6.8Kg, which OTL said was good.

My nose is much improved, thank you for asking!
Holly said that now she doesn't mind the close up photo, now that her nose is better and she is going to be careful just where she sticks it in the future!

Off to bed now as it has been a long day and we feel a little worn out.

I must make a note in my iPaw to take a ball with us next time!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy (Damp) & Holly (Looking Good Again)

A day out with OTL

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We have been busy puppies today, first of all we were up early for our morning walk with The Missus, a run across the fields and a woof at the Neddies.

There was one who was leaning over the fence trying to get to a bit of grass when Holly went up to it a woofed a 'Good Morning'. The Neddy took no notice, I suppose they get a lot of people saying, good morning, and must get fed up with saying, good morning back, especially when you got a mouth full of grass.

So Holly woofed again and this time the Neddy let go with a rather rude snort. It was so loud that Holly jumped back six feet and sat on her bottom looking all surprised and shocked at the same time!

That's the last time they get a 'Good Morning' woof from us!

After our breakfast, Old Two Legs got the caravan all hitched up, hey up, we thought, a 'surprise holiday'?

We sat in the car with OTL and he drove off. What about TM we wanted to know, is she staying at home?

No, says OTL, we're taking the caravan to be serviced, so it's safe before the holidays.

That was OK then, I mean, a holiday without TM is not on, who would cook our chickens?

On our way back, we stopped off at The Farm for a quick walk and a chase through the woods.

Come lunchtime, we went off with OTL to the Sea Wall for another walk! We were getting our share of walks today.

We stopped by a couple of fishermen to see what they were eating.

Whatcha eating Mister?
Holly smelt chicken and asked if she could have a bite, but they said it was theirs and they were keeping them. Then they told us to clear off as we were disturbing the fish!

Holly blew a Raspberry and we ran off laughing.

We saw some men pushing a boat along the path. Holly wanted to know what they were doing, OTL said that they were going fishing in the boat. Holly said that they would be better off going to the supermarket and buy some fish from the fishmonger, at least then they wouldn't get sunburnt waiting for the fish to jump into the boat!

Pushing he boat out!
On our way back home we saw a big train cross the road and we woofed hello to the driver who waved back at us!

Hello Mr Train Driver!
Holly says she rather fancies being a Train Driver when she grows up. She could lean on the window and wave at everyone as she goes past them!

Later on we went the the New Park, on our way home from visiting one of OTL's customer who was having problems with their radios, so we sat in the car and guarded OTL's tools.

We love the New Park 'cos there's loads of space to run around in and loads of other dogs to say 'Hello' to as we pass on the path and of course, the Swimming Hole!
When we finally got home, it was chicken and biscuits and mug OTL for some ham!

A super end to a super day.
Early to bed 'cos Holly has got to visit the vet tomorrow. 

Maybe a shaved muzzle?

Maybe we call her Baldy like OTL!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly ( Train Driver)