Monday, 11 June 2012

Sniffs, Mexicans and Windy Weather!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We got woken up this morning by Old Two Legs, he was saying that we had to go for our morning walk good and early 'cos we had an appointment with the 'Poodle Parlour' at nine.

So? It was only seven and we hadn't even had our second snooze yet!

Off we went, a little bleary eyed and when we got to The Sea Wall there was a Labrador being trained as a 'Gun Dog'.

We woofed a 'Hello' but he said that he couldn't play 'cos his master was teaching him to 'Fetch' and he couldn't move from where he was told to 'Sit'!

Getting ready to 'Fetch'

Off we went, leaving him to a life of 'Fetch and Carry', we had better things to do, like sniffin after rabbits and stuff like that!

Sniff No.6
We even stopped for a sniff on the beach at 'Sniff No.6', not that there was anything new! We got to the stairs and got a sniff of something on the beach, so, off we went while OTL wandered off down the path.

It's down there!
It was a good sniff but we couldn't find the 'source', most frustrating!

Well it's not over here!
We carried on and OTL reminded us that we had and appointment at nine, so off we went, back to the car and got into a discussion about what we were going to have done today.

I said that I wanted 'Boots' like I had before and Holly said she was going to have a 'Mexican', and it was like a Brazilian but with a big droopy moustache!

I said that it wouldn't suit her because of the shape of her snout and she laughed and said I was talking about the wrong end!

I still wasn't sure what she was talking about but said that I was thinking about having one as well and that she had to go first so I could see what it was like!

We got there on time and I won't bore you with the details but when we came out, it was draughty!

I mean, that wind can certainly make your eyes water after a haircut!

We went down to The Sea Wall for a wee before going home, but as soon as we jumped out of the car, it started to rain!

That was it, we did wot we intended then headed back to the car! Well, there's only so much we will put up with!

Back home it was a quick rub down and some 'Doggy Scoff' then off to the 'Day Bed' for an afternoon snooze.

We are expecting some good mugging tonight, loads of good sniffs coming from the kitchen!

Let's hope the sun comes back tomorrow and we can go to the New Park!

By the way, both Holly and I decided not to bother with the  Mexican, we'll have that done next time, just before we go away on holiday!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly