Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sand Dune Discovery and Big Raptors!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

Last night we had some fun, our normal 'late evening wee' went missing 'cos we were just too comfortable cuddled up in bed and no matter what Old Two Legs said, there was no way we were going to move.

Until four in the morning that is!

I jumped up onto the bed and gave OTL a quick forehead lick, just to let him know I wanted something, then jumped down from the bed and ran down stairs.  (That's my, 'I Wanna Wee' sign). OTL got up and staggered down the stairs, bumping into everything on the way, followed by Holly who had decided she wanted a wee as well.

After we had finished, it was back to bed for our 'After Midnight Wee Snooze', that is always a good snooze but never lasts long enough! As soon as we get off to sleep, the sun comes up and it's all light and noise from the roadway!

This morning OTL took us out for our early morning run and this time we went down to the Sea Wall but he took a little detour when we got there. After chasing the rabbits we went through the bushes and onto the place where there are sand hills. OTL says he was looking for wild life, we just went wild!

A Vertical Beach!

It was super fun running up and down the sand, Holly was going potty with delight at running in the sand. Like me, she was remembering the holiday when we were running on the beach when the tide was out!

Full Speed Down The Sand Dune!

There was this big Greyhound type of dog we had not met before, he came bounding up to say 'Hello'. We could see he was a youngster and had not learnt all the social 'Rules' yet and got all excited when we said hello and OTL tickled him behind his ear. He was gentle enough and didn't try to take liberties so we all had a sniff before he ran back to his owner!

It's Meee!
Back home for a brush and a bowl full of chicken liver and heart and biscuits, then off to bed for our 'After Breakfast Snooze', leaving OTL to get on with his work!

Lunch time was great fun, we went back to the Sea Wall again for another run around and OTL spotted a 'Big Bird' in the bushes, so creeping up like a 'Big Game Hunter' so he can get a better shot with his camera, he quickly rattled off a couple of shots. The bird did not move. OTL ducked back behind the bush were we were hiding.

A Big Raptor?
We reckoned it could be a big buzzard or even a small eagle, Holly thought it was and Eagle Owl, OTL reckoned a Buzzard and I said it was a Golden Eagle that had lost it's way.

So, with the bird still sitting in the bushes we crowded around the camera while OTL zoomed in on the picture.

A Big Plastic Bag Raptor!
How we laughed at OTL, fancy mistaking a plastic bag for a Raptor!

 Don't think we are going to let him forget this one in a hurry!

Off to worry The Missus about our dinner, chicken bits and biscuits and maybe a carrot for 'afters'.

See you tomorrow, we're off to see The Boys, loads of fun!


Daisy & Holly