Monday, 9 November 2015

Fun Day Monday and Holly gets Kissed!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here!

Well, Sunday night went off with just a couple of Whizz Bangs and Holly cuddled up to Old Two Legs and felt safe enough not to go to bed!

This morning there was a super sunrise, well, so OTL tells us 'cos we were still in bed when he got up to say 'Good Morning' to the ferret family!

By the time we got down to the sea front the deep yellow had sort of faded into the clouds as the sun got higher in the sky.

Still a little bit of yellow!
Now, yesterday you know that OTL got all the ferret bedding and stuff washed and part dried? He also put their 'Ferret Bag' in for a wash as well. For that he had to take off all the shoulder straps and also the Ferret Leads. That was OK but this morning when he gathered up the Page 3 Girls, he forgot the leads!

He didn't notice until we pulled up in the car park. We were worried in case the ferrets had to stay in the car while we had our walk but OTL had an idea!

We were let out on our own, as usual. That is Holly and me, not the ferrets!

Then OTL clipped our doggy lead and yoke onto the ferrets harnesses!

Clever or wot?

This is a bit of an 'Over Kill'!
Still, between the pair of them they managed to carry it all the way back to the car!

Holly and I got a surprise, just as we got to the Sea Wall who should come bounding along at the speed of light? Barney No. 2!

Now it's not often he is let off his lead 'cos he likes to run all over the place but he has been getting better and every time he sees OTL he always makes a big fuss!

Hello Girls!
After Barney No. 2 had left us, we were investigating the sniffs on the beach when who should arrive? Miss Polly!

Now, you know she just loves OTL and is absolutely besotted with the ferrets as well! In fact it is so bad that she has to be put on her lead or she would stay with us all day!

My Favourite Ferrets!
 She started off by saying 'Hello' to OTL then lay down to watch the ferrets as they investigated the 'Half Boat'.

Of course she wasn't allowed onto the beach or she would never leave the ferrets, but at least she could have a chat from the Sea Wall!

You ferrets have got lovely bushy tails!
When it was time for her to go, she had to be picked up and carried off or she would have stayed with us all day!

As we got close to the car, Holly noticed the Beddlington Terrier coming along the path. Holly is just a big Tart where he and his mate Bert are concerned and she jumps and dances around, almost out of reach and teases the tails off the pair of them!

Today she got a little too close, and ended up with a kiss from the Beddlington Terrier!

A Smacker for Holly!
 Holly said she is never going to wash her face again!

As I said, TART!

Lunchtime came and Miss Snowflake said she would come for a walk with us but only as long as she had her proper lead!

She is so fussy sometimes!

When she got to the beach the first thing she did was to climb all over the sea weed until she found a good place to wee!

That was Good!
Then it was off to the Grass Path to go ferreting about in the long grass picking up all the new sniffs and running through the holes in the grass that the mouses make!

That was fun!
As normal with ferrets, they take such a long time over sniffs, extracting the very last bit of sniff from each one they find. Of course, us woofers are a lot faster that they are and it's not 'cos we got bigger noses!

In the end, Holly and I get fed up calling her and started to walk off, it was then that Snowflake comes rushing up behind us saying 'Slow Down'!

What's the rush you two?
Before we went home, we dropped into the carriers to post off a parcel for export to Germany, wherever that is!

Then back home to an afternoon snooze while OTL was playing on the computer!

Not sure what is for mugging tonight but it can't be worse than the Doggy Scoff The Missus served up this morning, I mean, YUK! just doesn't describe it fully!

See you tomorrow and no more Whizz Bangs!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.