Friday, 10 June 2016

Another warm day!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, it has been another warm day today although the sun has been hiding behind the clouds, so the new 'Water Feature' is only dribbling water instead of the healthy flow in the video. I expect that Old Two Legs will be looking into the jar over the weekend!

He has already been getting out the snails that had set up home over the winter!

First thing we were out with the ferrets and Miss May had been getting into trouble again! This time it was her wot got hurt!

You see, May likes to wind up Miss Wendy and the pair end up having a fight through the cage bars. Normally OTL grabs May off the bars before any harm comes to either one but this morning he was a couple of seconds late and May ended up with one of her claws broken. Not serious, but OTL gave her a good check over to make sure there was nothing else wrong, then he put her into the 'Naughty Cage' until she settles down!

Wendy was given the same check over by OTL and found no injuries on her, so May was suffering from a 'Self inflicted' wound!

May said that she was OK but we did notice that she didn't go in for and digging on the beach!

Now little April had a great time digging in the sand knowing that May wouldn't kick her out and pinch the hole!

This is how it's done!
When she finished she had a little rest while I got into trouble!

If you look behind you..............................!
 That April is a right little snitch and OTL told me to stop rolling in a sniff!

So, there we were sitting on the beach waiting for the ferrets who had spotted someone heading our way.

Now, the ferrets and OTL are very watchful when there are woofers around 'cos no one wants to end up like Miss Wilma.

It's OK, it is Max and Oscar!
Mind you, we still have to watch out for Max 'cos he has had a snap at the ferrets before and we wouldn't want the ferrets to return the complement!

April also had a rummage around the Sea Kale plant but couldn't find any shrews or mouses!

I'll be back in a moment!
Back home we got 'Posh Scoff' today and I must say, I'm quite partial to the taste!

Holly on the other paw says that she would rather have 'Real Food' like chicken or lambs heart and stuff like that!

Mind you, that didn't stop her finishing off the bowl!

Lunchtime it was still cloudy but it had warmed up so OTL didn't insist Fred and Wendy walk all the way back to the car. They got a lift in the ferret bag and when we stopped at the bench Holly and I sheltered under the table while Fred, Wendy and OTL had a game!

I was still in the poo 'cos I found a super sniff on the beach and decided that even if OTL was shouting at me, there was no way I was going give up the chance of a good roll in something sniffy!

I just Love Sniffs!
 Fred and Wendy had some fun doing some scrambling over the rocks. OTL says it helps to keep their claws at the correct length, unless, like May, you go in for a bit of fighting through the cage bars!

Never mind rocks, has anyone got a claw file!
Back home OTL got going with the paper shredder getting rid of old paperwork. There was a horrid sound as the shredder decided to fall apart! Well, it was about five years old and I suppose it decided it had enough and wanted a rest!

So, now it rests on the rubbish pile awaiting the dustbin men!

Now, OTL just can't exist without a shredder so off he went to the local stationers and came back with a new shredder that is supposed to be able to shred ten sheets at once and even shred Cd's!

Another thing, it fits neatly next to the desk so Holly's bed can stay where it is!

We are off to see what is for dinner tonight, maybe some venison or sausages or other meaty stuff to make up for the Scoff we had earlier!

Have a good weekend!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.