Sunday, 16 August 2015

Decision Time and OTL is crying again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Well, it has been difficult over the last few days, after the 'Introductions' at the Rescue Centre. Miss May has taken to nipping Old Two Legs and we are back to the TCP like it was with Snowflake when she first turned up. However, she is getting picked on by Snowflake who has taken to chasing her around the house and attacking her.

OTL, being a bit of a softy, has decided that he will give up on trying to get all the ferrets to live together in one group. So, we are going to have two groups!

Snowflake and Brambles have gone back to cuddling and snoozing in their own cage and April and May have set up home is Aprils cage. April, who is the dominant one still gives her sister a nip now and again, just to let her know who is in charge!

All Agro stops for a Slurp!
We were down the beach first thing with Brambles and Snowflake, Snowflake decided that she would enjoy another Sea Weed Wrap to help get rid of all the stress of having a visitor she would rather not have!

I want to go back to eight days ago!
Then after enjoying the Sea Weed, she headed up the beach and dived into a load of dried sea weed for a quick Exfoliate!

I love a good rub down!
That was it, she felt on top of the world and we all headed back home!

On getting home, OTL let all three ferrets out for a rampage and the first thing that Snowflake did was to beat up Miss May!

That was it, decision made, May was back with her sister and OTL was onto the supplier of cages for another Tower Cage so that they have the same space.

Lunchtime we took May and April down the beach and they a run on the beach and in the grass. They enjoyed chasing after OTL 'cos they are still a bit wary of the Big Outdoors!

After a while they both wanted to be picked up and carried. OTL put May in the bag and April stayed on his arm and rested her head in his palm. Then, with OTL stroking her head, she fell asleep!

It was about then that May jumped out of the bag and went tearing off along the grass path!

A little further along the path they asked to be picked up again and dived straight into the bag again!

OTL stopped at one of the benches and we sat there for a little while, enjoying the sunshine.

This beats walking!
May curled up at the bottom of the bag for a quick snooze!

It's tiring having fun!
April stuck her head out and rested her head on OTL's tummy and drifted off to sleep again!

I like a soft tummy!
 So now OTL has got to reorganise The Office so that the cages will fit in together. This means moving the freezer to The Missus's Card Room and rearrange the cupboard and filling cabinet!

I can see that there will be lots to do this coming week!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May!