Thursday, 19 January 2017

Slept like a Log!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Last night we all slept on the new bed and although it was like sleeping on floor boards, it was super comfortable and none of us, except The Missus, woke up during the night and this morning we all felt like we've had a good nights snooze!

Old Two Legs decided that the bed was ideal except for the duvet. It's the right size for the bed but when we are all fighting for a bit of the duvet, OTL always seems to loose out!

So, this morning he got onto the people who are supplying a new duvet to get it exchanged for the next size up.

Yep! We got 'Job's Worth' to help us!

Seems like the duvet is out for a 5 day delivery and can't be stopped, so, we have to wait for it to be delivered, then send it back, get a refund and order a new one. OTL said it sounds long and complicated and expensive on carriage charges and why can't he order a new one and the carrier pick up the wrong one, all sorted in one hit?

'Oh No, we can't do that, it's more than my job's worth to do that!'

So, OTL decided to do it the easiest way, their way, and although it may take a bit longer to get it all sorted, it has less chance of going wrong, 'cos they have their 'System' and as long as you stick to the System, it should work!

These Two Legs do like their 'Systems'!

This morning it was just as cold as yesterday down on the beach but we had a good game and as it was Miss May who came out, we didn't have to hang about waiting.

The sun hadn't got out of bed yet so OTL was clicking away with the camera.

Red Sky in the Morning means Woofers Warning!
We met up with some of the other woofers out for a walk and there was one Jack Russell woofer who was taking more of an interest in Miss May and Holly had to woof him off!

We had to get back early 'cos TM wanted the car to go out to a 'Master Class' that Auntie Barbara was running, sounds like fun!

So, today we have been lazing about on the sofa watching the world go by!

Lunchtime we woke up Fred and Wendy to see if they fancied a walk on the beach, they looked so sleepy that OTL said they could do with some 'Fresh Air'!

Not that it did them and good, they were forever trying to get back in the bag for a snooze!

They did have a run on the football field and of course stopped for a sniff at the Mole Holes!

As soon as they got back in the cage they were snoozing their tails off!

OTL has been busy on the computer again, so, we decided to leave him alone and instead sit by the window waiting for TM to return!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.