Tuesday, 3 April 2012

OTL's Gone!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here!

Today has not been a 'Good Day'. The sun has been shining and the lambs have been jumping around and the Birds have been singing..........but.

No Old Two Legs!

We got up this morning, all bright and breezy, jumped onto the bed and gave them both a 'Good Morning' lick.

Then we fussed around while they woke up and staggered around the caravan trying to remember where they were!

Then we woofed at The Missus to take us out for a walk around the field so we can have a wee and say 'Hello' to the sheep and lambs.

While we were in the field, right in the middle of the field, so far away he could not hear us, OTL jumped into the car and drove off!

He left us behind!

We thought he might be going out for a pint of milk or some bacon for breakfast, but he didn't come back.

Holly sat outside the awning for ages, just looking at all the cars going by in case he was lost and couldn't remember what field we were in!

Then TM said that he had gone back to work today 'cos he had to get some stuff sent off for a customer as a special favour.

We sort of half forgave him for that, but not for sneaking off like that!

To help make up for him sneaking off, we surprised a fox hiding in the field waiting for a lamb to wander by!

We both woofed and scared the tail off him!

Run Run Foxy!
That sorted him out!

We hear that there has been sightings of the Snow Fairy, Up North in Scotland. Well, just to let you know what it is like down here.

Here's a photo we took earlier!

Snow? Wot Snow?
OTL came back this evening and we gave him a proper 'Woofin Puppy Hello' with loads of licks and I even managed to scratch his face with my claws!

I said sorry and licked him better!

It is good having him back!

Off to bed now 'cos we got an early start in the morning, got to catch the tide!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly