Thursday, 31 December 2015

Some more fun!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here again!

Well, another year over and what have we done?

Sadly we lost both Snowflake and Brambles this year and although Old Two Legs was very upset we have to be thankful that in Brambles case it was Old Age and not a prolonged illness. The same goes with Snowflake, she was a fighter until the end and she went slurping her most favourite Ferretone treat, and she managed to do a good wee and a poo on the vets table.

That's the way to go girl!

On a happier note, we were joined by the sisters Miss May and Miss April who sadly didn't get on with sharing space with Snowflake and Brambles, so they got a cage all to themselves!

After loosing Snowflake, brother and sister Fred & Wilma arrived in our house via the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre. Fred & Wilma had been passed between a number of rescue centres that couldn't cope with them! I mean, a Hamster Rescue Centre is hardly set up for ferrets and the chance of a ferret getting Hamster Burgers isn't  what the centre had in mind! So, Harrietsham took them and thought, 'Who is in need of a pair of loving ferrets?'


That was it, as soon as he saw them at the Harrietsham Ferret Show OTL went all soppy and they came home with us!

Although they don't get on with May and April, well, May and April don't get on with Fred & Wilma, so it is down to separate cages again and OTL has two cages full of poo to clear out each morning!

We have banned him from going anywhere near a Woofer Rescue Centre, we are not sharing him with anyone else!

We are super grateful to the Allhallows Croppers who have supported the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue with a donation from the Craft-A-Thong thingy they have run to raise money for the Demelza House Charity.

A smashing bunch of ladies!

Fred & Wilma have been up to visit them when they held their monthly 'Crop', I think they made a lot of new friends and there were loads of cuddles for Fred!

As it is New Years Eve, we are having a 'Relaxing Day' mainly 'cos OTL is still suffering with his 'Man Cold', he's getting better but is still keeping everyone awake with his coughing!

We were out a bit late but as it is holiday time we didn't mind and even the ferrets fell asleep on the way out to the car park!

Are we there yet?
April was doing her normal thing, complaining that the sand was just 'Too Wet!'

I don't do damp sand!
 We all had a jog back to the car and Holly says OTL should change his name to 'Old Long Legs!'

Look! It's a Giant with a Camera!
Fred and Wilma came out at lunchtime and enjoyed the sunshine. Freddy Boy actually walked a bit further today, but not much!

He walked all the way up the grass hill, sniffin' and ferreting about but when he got to the top it was back to normal.

OK, now do I get a carry?
OTL said that he had been a 'Good Boy' and carried him right up to the bench at the top of the hill. It was all downhill back to the car, so off went Fred, not exactly trotting but a steady waddle!

I finished off my Doggy Scoff and got a Bonio, Holly was still showing off and refused to eat the scoff, so she didn't get a treat!

I might go back later and have a nibble at her scoff and get another treat!

It is all helping her to loose a few pounds and she has to get slimmer for the summer!

Off we go now and before we go we would all like to wish you a Very Happy New Year and a Big Thank You for reading our blog!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.