Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Another Ethereal Morning, Followed by a Soggy Afternoon!

Hello Woofers!

Guess who is here? Yep! It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles again!

Old Two Legs, in the morning, has a 'Routine' he follows that gets us all up and ready for our walk.

First, I wake him up with the old 'Licky Ear' trick, then he rolls out of bed, staggers to the office, just to see if the ferrets are awake yet and if they are he gives both a 'Tickley Scratch' on their necks and back.

Miss Snowflake just loves that and squirms about with delight! Mr Brambles has a sort of stretch and a yawn and wiggles his shoulders!

After that OTL is off for a shower, gets dressed and heads off to the kitchen to get his breakfast of 'Rabbit Food', Orange juice and a cup of tea. He also gets two bowls of Lactose Free Milk for the ferrets which he adds a table spoon full of warm water, just to take the edge off the cold milk.

Then, back up to the office to wake the computers up and have breakfast with the ferrets!

Both ferrets slurp all the milk down and if there is any left, Mr B finishes it off 'cos he's bit of a 'Guzzle Guts' as OTL calls him!

This is then followed with the 'Harnessing' of the ferrets and getting ready to go for our walks. That involves a 'Bribe' of a cap full of Ferretone and while they are slurping, OTL clips up the harness, sneaky or wot!

He has to wake Holly up, 'cos she doesn't Do Mornings' but I am waiting outside the office door 'cos I just love a lick of Ferretone as well, but I don't get it that often! Then we all head down stairs to find OTL's boots!

And after that, it's off to the beach!

This morning it was raining while OTL had breakfast but it cleared up by the time we left home.

OTL still brought our raincoats and a clean towel, just in case!

By the time we got to the beach the rain had gone and the sun was dancing behind the clouds.

Looks Like a Sunny Day!
Mind you, things can be deceiving and OTL played with that shot when he got home and turned this morning into an Ethereal Happening!

It's an Ethereal Morning!
Down on the beach we saw Sheila with Bonnie and Oscar the two Boarder Terriers who would just love to have ferrets for breakfast, that is why they are always on the lead when we get near to them!

Come on, they look juicy ferrets, just a little of the flank?
OTL kept an eye on them after he emptied the ferrets out of the bag!

Both ferrets had a quick wee and while OTL was looking at an odd looking pebble on the beach, (he does that quite often) both ferrets tried to get back in the bag again!

Get out, I was first in line!
It didn't work and both were emptied out, again, and they headed for the grassy bank!

Miss Snowflake, being the faster, caught up to Holly and me and we shared some new sniffs until she decided she wanted a wash, so she dived into the wet grass while Holly and I headed for the top of the hill! 

We all enjoy a sniff, except OTL!
 Back home it was chicken for us while the ferrets had their breakfast and OTL cleared the Poo Trays before getting down to some work.

We do like an 'Ordered Life'!

Like lunchtime.

OTL is working/playing in the office on his computers, I creep up behind him and give his chair a mighty great shove with my front paws!

That is the sign for 'I Wanna Walkies'!

So, off we all go. OTL, Holly and me, the ferrets are still asleep so they miss out on the lunchtime walk.

Today, we drove out of the village and it started, the rain.

The closer we got to the beach the wetter it got and by the time we got there OTL had decided to leave his hat and the camera in the car!

We got out and were trying to decide should we get back or try a few steps when OTL clipped our collars on and sort of half marched and half dragged us down the path.

The rain came down a bit heaver, we dragged our paws a bit more and OTL pulled on the lead a bit harder.

Then it really started to come down.

Holly and I both did the 'Head Down &All Legs Stiff in Front' trick which means 'No More'!

OTL gave up and we all scampered back to the car!

We like walks but there is a limit!

Back in the car we waited for a while to see if the rain would pass over us. While we were sitting there OTL told us tales of when I was a puppy and some of the antics I used to get up to. Like, getting in the bottom of the bed, under the duvet and making The Missus fall out of the bed in panic!

Holly thought that was a scream!

Fell Outta Bed? Oh No, That's a Scream!
Then there was the time when I was riding on OTL's shoulder while we were out bird watching and I fell asleep and wee'd myself, and OTL got a wet jacket all the way down to his trousers!

It was so embarrassing!

OTL said that he thinks he still has the photo of me sitting on his shoulder, before I fell asleep!

He Found It!
Then, just to get even, he found one of Holly, before I came to stay!

All together now......aaaaaaaaaaah!
Holly and I are going to have a look through OTL's old pictures, you know, Black & White, we may even find some of when he was a puppy!


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.