Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thor's Day with some Sunshine!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Happy Thor's Day, another of those Anglo Saxon Gods but this one runs around with a big hammer making all that thunder which scares us!

There was no thunder when we went down the Sea Wall this morning, just the noise The Boys made scaring off all the birds!

Was that Thor's Hammer or The Boys?
We found another Whelk Shell like the one we found the other day.

Looking for a Whelk Shell

There were no other dogs this morning, which is a little strange but we did see several Cats on the way, so we had a good woof at them from inside the car!

The Boys were warming up their Sword Fighting skills again!

More 'Discussions'
 Holly said she was getting fed up with all this aggression, so she sneaked up and pinched one of the swords and chewed it into small bits!

That'll sort them out!

Disarmament Talks!
We thought that was great fun and both rushed off down the hill having a good game of High Speed Chase!

Puppy at the Speed of Light!
The Boys left to go back home soon after we got back, so we wandered off to Old Two Legs office and both enjoyed a well earned snooze!

Come lunch time we were wondering where to take OTL for a bit of fresh air, Holly said that we should go back to the New Park 'cos we can go hunting the rabbits in the big field and the Swimming Hole might be unfrozen today so I can go in swimming!

I still reckoned it would be too cold!

So, we did our 'We wanna Walk' bit on OTL, he soon got the message!

In no time we were back down the New Park, not so much sun shine but a great time chasing the ball!

We met up with a few dogs we had met in the past and OTL was looking for wild life to photograph, trouble was, the wild life saw him first and disappeared in a flash!

Then he saw a Tree Pipit coming into land, it parachuted down with it's legs dangling down and landed on the grass. So OTL got down on his knee and raised the camera to take a picture, the bird turned it's head, looked the other way and flew off!

Tree Pipit being anti social!
 We bumped into a youngster we had met before and had a quick chat about sniffs we had found.

Yo Matey! How's your sniffs?
Then out of the corner of my eye I caught OTL trying to take a picture of a Reed Warbler, OTL was down on both knees and trying to hide behind a fence post! I mean, there is just too much of OTL to hide behind a tree, never mind the fence post!

Just What are you doing OTL?
We are going to have a serious word with him soon!

Back home and a short snooze later we heard OTL saying that The Missus was outside! What a welcome we gave her, loads of licks from both of us!

Tonight we are looking forward to a quiet cuddle with OTL and a load of his shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly