Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunshiny Monday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We hope that Max has got his Mo-Jo back and has not been dragged off to the vets!

We have been sort of lazy today. First thing this morning we woke The Missus and Old Two Legs up with the 'I wanna Wee' woof. Then afterwards, rushed up to bed and crashed out until eight thirty!

Come on, is that not the best way to start the day or wot?

OTL took us out to the Sea Wall and we saw loads of wader type birds on the mud flats having a feed and fly around.

Holly did the 'Woof', at the birds and they flew off, so she tried it one more time and they took no notice at all, so Holly reckons that when they are eating, they go deaf, just like she does!

Woofin Holly!
There is a Green Woodpecker that lives around the Sea Wall and many times we see it fly off as we approach it. OTL doesn't see it until the last moment and by the time he gets his camera up to his eye, the bird is long gone.

Just to show you what we mean, here is one of his pictures! Hee Hee!

Woofin Green Woodpecker!!
He won't thank us for that one!

Our lunch time run along the Sea Wall was good, the tide was in and the fishermen were out teaching the worms to swim!

Holly and me had a sniff of their stuff but it smelt all fishy, so we left it alone!

Smells Fishy to Me!
No sign of the Rats, we reckon they only come out at night and then it's straight off to the Pub or the Chippy!

OTL thinks he has spotted a very rare bird!

We were just about to turn around and go back when this bird came flying straight towards us, flying backwards!

We didn't know what to make of it, OTL took some photographs and when he got home, consulted his Bird Book and declared it to be The Oozalamb Bird!

He says it is very rare and is known for flying backwards in a very big circle and as it gets older the circle slowly gets smaller. Then, one day the circle gets so small that it finally disappears!

Holly wanted to know where it disappears to and OTL marked the spot on the picture!

The Oozalamb Bird
OTL was dead serious when he told us about the bird and Holly was listening wide eyed and with her mouth open as well. She said it was dangerous going around in circles and in future she wouldn't do it any more!

That girl will believe anything!

When I couldn't hold back the laughter any longer she got all upset with me, then I called her a Plonker and she called me a Big Head!

And that's when the fight started!

This evening should be interesting, TM has been experimenting and has made a Lentil and Sweet Potato thing with no meat at all.Now don't get us wrong, we eat grass and carrots but the sight of OTL eating something that has never moo'd or grunted is not for the faint hearted, I even think he may order a Kofti Kebab to follow!

Bye for now, we're off to watch the fun!


Daisy & Holly