Friday, 25 February 2011

The Sun has come back!

Hi All!

We've been good guard dogs, last night, well, about three in the morning, we both heard a noise out side the house. So, being Super Guard Dogs, we flew downstairs, barking and howling and woofing and snarling and making a BIG noise!

The Missus was proud of us and came down stairs after us, barking and howling and woofing and snarling and making a BIG noise. We thought that she could scare off any burglars on her own and didn't really need us!

Holly mentioned that TM seemed to be barking at us, but I'm not sure. Anyway, we had scared off whoever it was outside and went back to bed, all very proud of ourselves!

We woke up a little late but Holly said, just look at the day light out there, all covered in sun shine and fluffy clouds!

We just love it when the sun comes out, it makes everyone feel better!

Over the fields there were loads of new sniffs to be investigated and Holly reckons she caught the sniff of that big old dog fox we saw a while ago.

As the sun was shining, Old Two Legs took us for a long walk around the Flood Defence Sea Wall. We had another run on the sandy beach and he took some movie pictures with his camera. Trouble is, he has lost the computer lead to download the video!

What a Plonker!

The rest of the day was spent drying off and filling the house with the sweet smell of Thames Estuary Mud. TM says we need a good bath, I reckon another run on the beach will do it!

See you tomorrow!