Tuesday, 5 March 2013

We find our Long Lost Ball & The Wormy Man is almost Home!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here with some good news!

Today we found the ball that we had lost ages ago. Well, I left it in the grass and then couldn't find it again.

Today, as we walked along The Sea Wall, there, on the beach, was the ball!

That was it, Holly and I now had a ball each to chase. Mind you, it didn't stop us from fighting over the ball the other one had!

Come on, Throw Them Both!
Old Two Legs spotted the Wormy Man had nearly made it back to the beach. Mind you, I expect he will need a good long rub with a soapy cloth before he gets all the mud off!

Nearly Back again!
Back home it was Doggy Scoff, so we went into the garden to woof at the birds. Snowflake was out of Snowy Heights hunting around the office looking for rabbits and rats!

She was having a super time running in and out of the packing boxes OTL was trying to package up for his customers. In the end he emptied all the stuff out and joined in with the 'Toy Hunting' game!

We found a picture of her, taken a little while back, but it shows you how daft that ferret is, guess what she is sleeping in?

It's her Poo Pot!

Now of course, she sleeps in her Princesses bed, all wrapped up in blankets and with a hot water bottle!

We were going to take her with us at lunchtime for a run but OTL says that her tummy has yet to grow back the hair the vet shaved off. So we will wait until it gets a covering before taking her on an adventure with us!

Well, she might get a cold wet tummy and that's not very nice!

Lunchtime we saw a Wormy Man out on the mud, Holly says that he was looking for his mate with the white hat!

Anyone seen my Mate?
A sure sign that Spring is here, we saw our first butterfly today, it was a Small Tortoiseshell and was fluttering around the rabbit bushes looking for Nettles to feed on!

First Small Tortoiseshell this year!
After that it was down to pick up the big car after it's MOT, which it passed of course! While he was inside the shop OTL picked up some catalogue's on the new cars. Mmmmm, what has he in mind?

On the way back home, we stopped at the vets to pick up our prescription for the anti flea stuff and while we were there, Holly got weighed again.

Now, when the vet said she was over weight and was in need of loosing a half a kilo to keep him happy, Holly weighed in at 9.2Kg!

Seriously a 'Porky Puppy' and when she got weighed back in February she hadn't lost a gram!

So, here we were, back at the weighing machine with OTL hitting the 'Reset Button' and Holly asking if all of her had to be on the machine at the same time and could she leave her back legs on the floor!

'No, on you get' was the answer to that!

On she got.

We all looked at the electronic digital readout display that was hanging on the wall above the weighing machine.


Wow! Holly had lost almost half a Kilogramme!

Now is that something to be pleased about!

Well, Holly was dancing around the waiting room wiggling her backside and wobbling her tail as well! 'Look at ME!' she kept saying!

Back home we both had a carrot to celebrate the weight loss and OTL said he will have a whisky tonight as part of the celebration as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly (Miss Twiggy) & Snowflake