Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rats, Rats, As big as Pussy Cats!

Hi all you Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Didn't we have some fun last night! At bed time, the real bed time, not just our evening snoozett, Holly and I took out carrots up to bed. Well, we like a nibble during the night after our 'Puppy Patrol' around the house!

Trouble is, us crunching away wakes Old Two Legs up and he tells us off.

Not that we listen to him!

Well last night he decided that he would confiscate the carrots, so, every time his hand came down into the bed to take the carrot away, we tucked it under the blanket!

He fell asleep with one hand inside my bed, which was OK 'cos I used his hand as a pillow!

This morning down on The Sea Wall, it was dark, the sun had got up but the clouds were making it a bit dismal!

A Dismal Start!
 A little cloud doesn't upset us! No, we are still into the 'Sniff' and 'Hunting' mode! We started off looking over the wall to the beach and saw a couple of very big rats. Holly thought that they were cats to begin with but changed her mind when she saw them run for their hole when they saw us!

Jus' look at the size of Them!
 Further along the Sea Wall Holly stopped and started to stare into the grass, Psst! She said, 'I've got a mouse here!'

I wasn't interested in mouses, only big rats and rabbits!

Psst! Look a Mouse!
 Holly said I was just being greedy just wanting the big stuff! I said it was easier to catch 'cos those mouses are super fast when you try to chase them and I've tried before and got nothing except grass darts and burrs all over my muzzle!

I don't do Mouses any more!
 Back home to Lambs Heart and a snooze while OTL is making up some stuff for one of his customers!

Lunch time we were off again and ended up at The New Park, which was great by us as it didn't look like rain!

I was chasing the ball and Holly was wandering along 'Sniffin the Sniffs!'

Me and The Ball!
 We got as far as the 'Training Area' and Holly said we should go in there for a laugh, pretending to be training OTL!

Come on OTL it's Training Time!
 It was fun for a while, until this young Lakeland Terrier Cross got let off the lead. It was the first time he has been off the lead! He said his name was Archie and he had never got to have a good run before, unless it was around his garden which didn't really count!

Archie and me having a game of 'Chase'
It was good fun as I was much quicker on the turns than Archie and several times he fell over trying to keep up with me!

Can't catch Me!
After a while he got out of breath and went over to Holly and challenged her to a running race but Holly just turned up her nose and said 'I don't do racing!'

I don't do Racing!
We heard the gate go 'Click' and this Whippet dog came in all twitchy and nervous looking.

Well that was until she got let off the lead, she ran after Archie and bowled him over with no trouble and going at the speed of light!

Holly and I just sat there watching, not believing our eyes!

That is one Very Fast Doggy!
 There was no way that we were going to get mixed up with that hound, so we left Archie to get on with it, silly dog will learn a good lesson, Stay Away from the Fast Dogs!

After a while we left the Training Area, OTL is still as useless at Sitting and Walking at Heel!

He came across a bush full of berries, so he just had to take a picture, it reminds us that Autumn is almost here, so that means walks in the forest and fields where the leaves are all changing colours and of course, OTL will soon be on his knees photographing Fungi!

Autumn is Here!
 Back home to a snooze before dinner, well OTL's dinner 'cos we've eaten all of our Lambs Heart and got nothing in the bowl except dry biscuits, which is nearly as bad as Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


We have just been told that The Missus has had a load of her 'Tags' shown on 'Create and Craft' television.

She is going to be UNBEARABLE to live with now!

OTL says it will Five Bob to talk to her!