Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wet, Windy and Grumbly Weather!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy and Holly here again!

What a wild day it has been today, wet and windy for most of it! Still, it hasn't stopped us from having some fun.

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning and on the way we saw a Heron trying to cross the road, well fly over the road and the wind was so strong it kept getting blown back!

The Sea Wall was deserted, we think it was just too windy for anyone to be out! Lucky Barney is down in the South of France in the sunshine, I bet he misses our weather!

Windy, Windy, Wet & Windy!
So, we didn't hang about too long and were soon back home enjoying grumbling over a Rawhide Chew!

Around lunch time, the sun came out, so we bullied OTL into going down The Forest again.

As soon as we got there we saw squirrels rushing around the tree tops.

Me Squirrel, You Dopy Dog!
I just couldn't take my eyes off them. I mean, how do those little things hang on to the tree trunks and still run?

Come down here and say that!
Holly said that unless they come down to the ground and give us a chance, then it was not worth bothering to even woof at them!

I am not convinced, one day I will catch one off guard, then let's see what Holly thinks then!

I Sniff Squirrel!
Before long, OTL was back to taking photos of the Bluebells, you would have thought by now he'd have got fed up with the things!

...and Yet Another one!
We were wandering along, just sniffin the trees, looking for anything interesting, like squirrels, when there, up on a log, was this small 'poodley' looking thing. It gave a sort of excited woof and almost jumped on top of me!

Hello Doggies!

It was a dog that obviously didn't get out too much 'cos it then began to run all around Holly and me like a squirrel on fire!

It jumped up in the air, ran off, ran back again and carried on as if it had just found it's long lost sisters!

We just stood there, amazed at his antics!

We had a good laugh about him all the way home in the car. Holly and I sometimes sit on the parcel shelf at the back of the car. Today we did it again, it was good fun and whenever a car came up behind us, we would both look out the back and pull faces at the driver!

After we got home, there was a big storm passed over us, there was lightening and Grumbly Thunder. Holly didn't like the thunder 'cos it sounded just like those nasty Whiz Pop Bang things.

So OTL gave her a cuddle and I licked her nose until she got over it. Then she went and pinched my last bit of Lambs Heart I had been saving from my dinner!

Tomorrow we are going down to see The Boys, 'cos The Missus has got to do some baby sitting after school. So, if we are lucky we may even get a run down by The Lakes, providing it stops raining!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly