Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wot A Scorcher Today!

Hi Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Being Sunday, Old Two Legs had an extra half an hour in bed, snoozing, that was until the noise of him sneezing woke him up!

You saw right away it was going to be hot today, the ferrets were up and rattling on their cage and calling for their breakfast!

When we got down to the beach it was packed with People and Woofers!

There was hardly and room for us and the ferrets!

Now, where are we going to sit?
 We had to go almost to the end before we found a space. The ferrets had a mooch on the wet sea weed but as soon as one of the woofers started to bark, Miss Snowflake was back into the Ferret Bag like a shot!

I went up to say hello to Oscar and Bonny who were mullering  a stick they had pinched of a Bozo Labrador who was wandering off down the Sea Wall saying that it was 'Just Too Crowded'!

Holly said she was making sure no one got close to the ferrets and was catching some ray as well!

On guard!
 Both of the ferrets were not very happy about the number of woofers and Miss Snowflake stayed in the bag while Mr Brambles climbed up into OTL's arms for protection!

Bonny wandered down to say 'Hello' and asked if the ferrets tasted like chicken and Oscar, who by now had been put on his lead, was sitting there shaking just like wot I do when I see a squirrel!

Does it taste like Chicken?
 It was a good job that Oscar was on the lead and the ferrets were being protected by OTL!

You know, I was so worried about the ferrets that I didn't even go in for a swim!

We headed back up the path and there were a couple of Two Legs walking along the path.

They waved to OTL.

OTL waved back.

We wondered who they were?

Then they started to call our names, then we realised that it was Auntie Sheila and Major!

It was unusual to see them down there, in fact, we had never seen them there before!

We all said 'Hello' and Sheila stuck her finger in Mr Brambles face and tickled him, but he didn't see it like that, so he clamped his teeth on Sheila's finger!

There was no damage done and Mr Brambles explained that it was the first 'Yellow Card' 'cos he didn't know who Sheila was!

Lesson learnt, don't stick you finger in a ferrets face!

Back home it was a case of heading for the coolest spot you can find and snooze until lunch time!

Mind you, we all snoozed away while the F1 racing was on and even the ferrets missed the racing!

Wot Racing?
It was busy down on the beach, loads of Two Legs charging about enjoying the sun shine.

Grain Beach.
 OTL was on his never ending quest for Soldier Beetles but once again, he only saw one and it refused to stand still and have his photo taken!

Can't stop, Too Busy!
 Holly and I wandered along enjoying the breeze but it was just too hot, even for rabbit chasing!

Come on OTL, Back home for another snooze!
 And that was it, home to a cold carrot to crunch on while OTL carried on sneezing his tail off!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.