Sunday, 23 March 2014

Miss Snowflake tries a 'Selfie'!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

First of all, Archie Babe, eating plastic bags is not good practise! Not only do they taste horrid but if you suffer from the Windy Poops you could find yourself blowing balloons from the wrong end!

Stick to Rabbit Poo and Horse Droppings!

As for Angie's computer doing the Freezy Thing, yes, they do that this end of the world but Old Two Legs just shouts at it and casts dispersions upon it's parentage!

Even then it sometimes refuses to work and we have to 'Re Boot It'!

This morning we got up to glorious sun shine, even though it was a little cold!

Off we all went, down to the beach and Miss Snowflake decided that she wanted to sit in OTL's arm and look at the scenery around her, plus she wanted to see us chase rabbits!

Next thing we know, she had climbed up on OTL's shoulder and whispered in his ear, 'How about a Selfie?'

Now we know that OTL is always up for a challenge, so, putting the shutter release on 'Continuous' he waved the camera about and only one was any where near being watchable!

A Snowflake Selfie!
Talking about 'Selfies', The Missus told us about her putting her face on Facebook, before she had put her makeup on.

OTL said it should have a warning sticker put on it before anyone was allowed to see it!

He also said that he could have a load of fun with Photoshop but TM wouldn't let him play, in fact what she said she would do to him was positively outrageous and we reckon illegal!

Well, not to be outdone, Holly and I decided that we would have our picture taken before we put our makeup on!

A Doggy No Makeup Selfie!
Down on the beach Miss Snowflake said she had been reading all about camouflage and 'Close Observation' and reckon it would come in handy when she is out hunting Mouses!

So, she said that she would hide and we were to try to find her!

Camouflage using whats around!
 Of course, we all 'Hunted Around' and searched for her, but we couldn't find her anywhere!

Mr Brambles was doing his 'Tracking' game and said that he had found a Mouses Trail along the top of the Sea Wall!

I Sniff Mouses!
 After her Camouflage trick Miss Snowflake decided to try some 'Free Climbing' on the Rock Wall!

We all said that was just too dangerous and she shouldn't do it!

Free Climbing with Miss Snowflake!
 It wasn't long before we were back home and chomping on a Lambs Heart breakfast. The ferrets and OTL headed back to the office and had some fun before getting tucked up for their morning snooze.

A Snoring Snowflake!
 At midday we went out again, leaving the ferrets at home, still snoring their whiskers off!

Our first stop was the Rabbit Hunting Ground and as you can see, 'Here Be Rabbits'!

Traces of Rabbit!
 Holly and I set off trying to kick up a couple of rabbits but this time of the day they are all down in their burrows doing what our ferrets are doing, snoring their whiskers off!

Well, they were here about an hour ago!
 I stood guard for a while after leaving the grounds, just in case one popped it's head out but I saw nothing!

Keeping an eye open, just in case!
We all enjoyed a run along the Sea Wall and Miss Potty Paws Holly Dog thought it was great to have a jog along the wall!

Miss Potty Paws Holly Dog!
 Back home the ferrets were still sleeping so we decided to have a snooze as well.

Holly said that we had missed out on a 'Pirates & Princesses' party together with loads of food!

Megan, Finley & Ethan all have their birthdays within a few days of each other so they 'Pool' their parties and have a great time! Still, the next time we see the Mini Two Legs Grandchildren we have been promised some sausages and bacon sarnies!

Still, we have OTL to mug tonight, Shortbread and Malt Whisky, OTL has the whisky and we all share the shortbread!

Back to work tomorrow and did you know that next week the clocks all go .........sideways an hour!

See you tomorrow!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles

P.S. Stay away from the plastic bag Archie Babe, Ready Packaged Poo is not a good idea!