Friday, 5 August 2011

Nearly There!

Hello Woofers,

It's us again, Daisy & Holly back with you.

First of all, a big Helloing 'WOOF' to BikerDCR who has joined our happy band, we both hope you enjoy our blogs!

When OTL saw the name Biker, he said he used to be a 'Greaser' a thousand years ago, trouble is, we don't know what he is talking about!

This morning we got up really early, you see we decided to have a 'practice get up' for tomorrow. We didn't want to get up tomorrow and mess things up by missing something we should do before leaving.

So, first thing we jump onto Old Two Legs bed and give him a 'wake up' paw in the ear as we walked over to The Missus to lick her ear, then we walked back to OTL and give his ear a really good licking type wash, just to make sure he is awake!

Then it's a run down stairs to the back door and give our 'we want a wee' bark so TM let's us out into the garden.

Well that all went off OK, so we went back to bed and slept until nine!

TM was up early, says she couldn't sleep, not after we had been practising. She started loading more stuff into the caravan. Holly and me sneaked into the van and took some photos of our cupboards.

First of all there is the 'main meal' cupboard.

Main Meals and biscuits!
Next, we have to share with OTL & TM, the washing cupboard in the bathroom. (No bath but there is a shower and a washing bowl and a Two Legs, Poo Box Thingy)

Important cleaning stuff!
Finally, we get a whole cupboard to ourselves for our favourite stuff!
We have even saved some nibbles we got from Auntie Karen (A Cat Person)

The best cupboard in the caravan!
We went out with OTL for the last deliveries and the post, then he took us to the New Park for a run and a splash around in the swimming hole. That was great until a load of other dogs arrived and made a lot of noise and splashing about. One even tried to pinch my ball!

Holly went after him and said that if he didn't give our ball back she would unscrew his tail so he'd never be happy again!

That sorted him out, he dropped the ball and ran back to his owner for protection from Holly.

She can be sooo tough sometimes!

So now we are all packed, there is only OTL's camera stuff to load up in the morning, a drop of water and a few nibbles for the journey, then we are off!

Early night now and it is our job to wake OTL & TM up tomorrow, I hope we don't over sleep!

Fat Chance!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly