Monday, 9 January 2012

Last Day before we get Done!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's the Terrible Two, (as Old Two Legs calls us sometimes) back with you again!

A quiet sort of day today, went for our normal morning walk but OTL didn't have his big walking boots on, instead he wore his normal 'Day Shoes', now that means he is going out in the big car. So we were getting all excited about where we were going to go!

After our brush, he put down our breakfast bowls and called us into the kitchen, something was not right, he still had his coat and shoes on.

Then as Holly was tucking into her food, OTL waved us good bye and shut the kitchen door! He was off before we had time to whimper!

He was gone, leaving us with The Missus!

We were not happy little puppy's about being left at home, we always go with OTL where ever he goes!

Holly says he was going without us because she got all bossy about going to the Forrest yesterday but I told her it was more than likely that he had some customers to see or he was going where dogs were not allowed!

Lunchtime we had a hunt for rabbits, but it was not the same without OTL, you see, as he is taller than us, he normally points out where the rabbits are, TM didn't know that and let us get on with it on our own.

Come on, we know you're in there!
We even kept our eyes open for other doggy's but they were nowhere to be seen!

So, who's that then?
Holly started to do her bird watching and got all excited when she saw a Shore Lark. Now that is a Rare bird around here, not exactly a MEGA report but rather a 'Very Rare & Interesting' bird.

She managed to get a photo, not very good, but the bird wouldn't stand still long enough!

Holly's Shore Lark.
Holly reckons it is a female and has been around for some time, lost!

They are normally found up the far north in Sweden or Norway or on the Alpine Moors, so the Isle of Grain is a little out of its normal territory!

It was much later when OTL came back and yes, he had been out to see some of his customers. We gave him a big 'Welcome Home' type of hello and licked his ear as well. It was good seeing him back home again and super to get a late run down the Sea Wall.

Still no rabbits, but at least he did point one out to us!

Lambs heart tonight and TM has mixed some Doggy Dins in with it! What a way to ruin a good tasting heart!

See you tomorrow, and no, OTL still has not got the printer set up yet. At this rate it would be quicker for him to paint the scene rather than trust the camera and the printer!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly