Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Grumbly Tum and Big Woofers!

Hi Woofers!

Back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was another early morning for us, The Missus was up at Four Fifteen this morning! We are definitely going to get OTL to get her some worming tablets, that should sort her out!

Mind you, it wasn't all bad 'cos I've still got a Grumbly Tum but it is getting better and OTL reckons I'll be a 'Cleared Up' by tomorrow!

So, we got out a bit earlier than normal, and that was OK by me 'cos my tum was definitely grumbling!

Just how does he know these things?

We got down to The Beach and saw an early Wormy Man about to start digging!

Holly called out some helpful advice!

Oi! Stop Looking at It, Get On With The Digging!
Mr Brambles was enjoying a run about on the beach and then challenged Holly to a race back to the car!

Some Hope!

They call me 'The Brambles Bolt!'
Now that might come in handy 'cos that Rook was on the Sea Wall asking if we wanted to sell a Ferret!

Some Hope!

Sell a Ferret?
Holly suggested that the Rook come a bit closer for 'Discussions' but he wasn't going fall for that one!

On our way back to the car, while Holly and I was sniffing at a bush, OTL spotted a Rabbit!

 We were just too busy and by the time we realised what he was saying, the rabbit had gone!

One nil to OTL!

Lunchtime was fun, Holly was playing 'Zoom' along the beach while I was digging another big hole!

Holly doing a Very Fast Zoom!
I fancied a dip in the sea, well, the tide was right in and I didn't feel cold and reckoned that I deserved a dip.

OTL said 'NO!'

Me, Showing Off!
We met up with Cyril who was out for a walk with his mates. Cyril has met us before and of course he is a mate of OTL!

He said 'Hello' to us the dashed straight for OTL to give him a cuddle!

Hello OTL!
As we got closer to the car OTL spotted the first bloom we had seen this year, other than the Daffy's we saw in the Church Yard in January!

Spring Is Here!
Holly stopped and pointed out that the Wormy Man was still out on the mud, digging away for all he was worth!

He certainly looked like he had dug a long trench!

He's Working Hard Today!
The Missus has been out today doing one of her 'Teaching Days' so we expect her to arrive soon in a cloud of glitter and ink!

We are looking forward to a sensible sleep tonight, claws crossed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.