Monday, 22 August 2011


Hello All You Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

We have been on an Adventure today. It started off when we went for our stroll in the forest, Holly and Old Two Legs were having a chat while I was off in the long grass. When I got back I asked what the chat was about, as you do.

Holly said that she had asked OTL if we could dig up a tree and take it home so we can have a Christmas Tree in our back garden and put lights all over it and maybe have more than one Christmas each year.

Holly said that OTL says we could choose one but to make sure it was OK with the tree about being dug up and taken home.

Holly said that we had to sit next to it and ask it if it wanted to come with us and to get the tree to say yes to our question.

Me and Holly chose a small tree and sat next to it and Holly said that it should be me who asks the tree 'cos I was more polite and well spoken than her, which I suppose I am, seeing how I always say please, before mugging any food.

So I sat down with Holly and asked the tree, but it didn't answer my question, so, at Holly's prompting, I asked again, and again, and again. Then I got a bit upset and woofed at the tree, asking if his ears were made from wood or was he a thick as two short planks, which he couldn't be 'cos he hadn't grown up enough to be even one short plank!

It was then that I saw OTL with the camera and heard Holly laughing her tail off, they both were having a great joke at my expense!

The jokes on Me!
Just wait, I'll get my own back before the holiday is over!

We went down to the harbour where the RNLI was holding a fund raising day and The Missus bought a Teddy Bear dressed in a Lifeboat man’s jumper. OTL named him Cedric and now he has joined the 'Gang'. While TM was getting Cedric, we went with OTL to take some photographs of Tobermory, OTL tried to get all artistic with the anchors and a tree branch!

Tobermory Harbour and an Anchor or Two!
After that, we decided to go down to a park near us which has a super big lake that OTL wanted to photograph. The road down to the park was very narrow and as we were going down, another car wanted to go up the road. So, OTL moved over the side of the road so the other car could get past, but, OTL went over too far and the side of the road collapsed and the wheels of our car started to slide into the ditch!

At first OTL tried to drive out, being that the car is a four wheel drive, but as soon as he started to go forward the car slid further into the ditch. OTL stopped trying and telephoned the AA!

It was about four hours later that a man with a big tow truck arrived and with a little messing about, pulled the car out of the ditch.

So, we never got to see the lake and take pictures, so we will have to go back again to take the pictures. This time OTL says that if any car comes up while he is going down, then they can just reverse back down or he will jump all over them!

We are all set for our boat trip tomorrow morning to see the White Tailed Eagles. All we got to do is make sure they go for the fish and not us!

We'll let you know how it turns out.

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly