Friday, 30 March 2012

Something to Sleep On!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We had some fun last night, it involved Old Two Legs and the amount of bed space he requires to get a good nights sleep!

It starts like this.........The Missus decides she is going to bed and stomps off down the caravan closing the door behind her..........then she shouts to OTL to 'Turn the TV Down!'

She always says that, even at home, OTL being a bit deaf, (Because of TM always shouting at him) can't hear the TV properly, so he turns it off and sits there mumbling all sorts of curses!

After all that, he decides to go to bed as well, so first of all we go for a walk around the field so we can have our 'Good Night Wee' and a little woof at the sheep, just to remind them we are here.

Back in the caravan, OTL wanders off to the wash room so he can have a wee and get undressed.

That's when we pounce!

We take a flying leap and jump up on the bed, Holly gets down the end where his feet normally are and I spread myself out across his pillow.

Back comes OTL but now he is in the dark 'cos he has turned out the light in the wash room and doesn't turn on the one in the bedroom 'cos he is scared about waking TM up. ( She gets cross when she is woken up!)

He now climbs into bed, first of all he gets too close to Holly who growls at him saying 'Shove off and find your own space!

He then crawls up the bed to where I'm spread out, finds me there and tries to move me off the pillow.

I give a low growl as well saying ' Go find your own spot, this is mine!

At this point we all get into a discussion about the bed and who gets the first choice of sleeping place. OTL reckons that Holly and I should got back to our own bed, we reckon OTL should try sleeping in our beds, for a change!

After a while we all find a spot that we feel comfortable sleeping in and drop off.

That is until one of us rolls over and squeezes the other two out of their sleeping spot.

Then we all have a 'Grumble' and go back to sleep!

This Caravan Holiday Thing is a barrel of laughs!

See you tomorrow, we should be off to the beach for some serious hole digging!

Bye bye.


Daisy & Holly

Pack the Bucket and Spade, We're Off!!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Sorry the Blog is late but we had a very busy day. You see, Old Two Legs and The Missus have been rushing around like Blue Tailed Flies today (Yesterday) packing stuff and shoving it in the caravan. They were either clearing space indoors for decorating or maybe doing a runner 'cos OTL has won the Pools!

Well, he's too tight to do the Pools and never buys Lottery Tickets so that option was out. Then it dawned on us, we're off on Holiday!

So it was, all the holiday stuff got shoved in and OTL packed up his camera gear and even our beds were stored in the caravan as well!

Well that was it, midday arrived and we were just about to leave when TM says, 'Look at that wet patch in the garden'

OTL had a look and the 'wet patch' was water leaking from under a sort of lid in the concrete labeled 'Inspection Cover'

So, OTL 'Inspected' it.

Pheeewwww! Wot a stink when he lifted the cover, horrible looking water was about to pour out and we won't tell you what was floating there!

A telephone call and a couple of hours later two lads turned up in a big van and proceeded to poke rods and hose pipes into the hole.

In the end it appeared to be OK and OTL was crying as he wrote out a cheque for the work done!

We wiped his eyes and his nose and stopped him crying, hitched the caravan up and put him in the car.

Then we were off!

Now, if you want to see where we are go to this link

Just to show off, OTL took the photos that are used on the web site, except the one at the zoo!

So, we will be uploading pictures of us having fun over the next week or so, except the days OTL has to work!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Hollyday!!