Monday, 12 August 2013

Holly gets a Scare!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It's all happening today!

First of all we got woken up by The Missus at about four thirty this morning, bouncing out of bed and waking everyone up, just 'cos she got an idea for a card!

Holly reckons TM needs some worming tablets to sort her out, Old Two Legs says that he has been trying to sort her out for more years than he can remember and hasn't even got near to it!

Well, having been woken up so early we decided to go out for an early jog along the Sea Wall. When we got down there, Mr Brambles was all set for a good run but Miss Snowflake chose to stay wrapped up in OTL's arms, warm and out of the wind!

That didn't stop Mr Brambles, he was charging about, sniffin' the sniffs and getting under our paws!

When we got down to the beach, it took Snowflake a little while to wake up but when she was awake and moving, both she and Mr Brambles dug a hole in the sand together. Holly and I thought it was a good idea, so we dug one of our own, but much bigger and deeper and we were woofing and growling while we did it!

Mr Brambles said the noise was 'Just Too Much' and marched over to our hole and pushed us out!


We had a great time running up and down the beach. Snowflake normally wakes up then heads straight back to the car park but today she was all full of it and joined us in the fun of rushing from one hole to the next!

Back home for a brush and some breakfast and then OTL had to go out on his own. No Dustbin Lorries today but this time it was the local council and some of their radios that needed 'Sorting Out'!

He was back later but too late for lunch, but just in time for our afternoon walk.

We left the ferrets sleeping, all cuddled up to each other in a Ferret Doughnut!

Down on the Sea Wall, we stopped to watch a rat dancing about on the beach looking for some shell fish for his lunch!

Nah! That's a Rat, not a Ferret!
Holly said it could be a ferret and wanted to 'Rescue' it but I put her straight and told her about the rat tail!

Then, as a surprise for me, OTL got a tennis ball out of his pocket and showed it to me! Well, I wanted him to throw it straight away but he kept 'Pretending' to throw it which got me a bit would up, so I gave him one of my ball throwing woofs!

Throw It!
 We had some fun with him throwing it and me chasing the ball. Even Holly joined in when we were on the beach.

OTL spotted a 'Common Carder-bee' that was buzzing around some thistle plants and tried to take a picture but it was too quick for a clear shot but at least you can see the super yellow/orange back!

'Common Carder-bee'
Then it was back to ball throwing and still he kept teasing me until in the end I woofed to him to 'Throw The Damned Ball'!

Oh! I was getting cross with him!

'Throw The Damn Ball'!

In the end he put the ball back in his pocket and I showed off for a bit!

Holly sort of wandered off to do her own thing and missed us turning for home, so she turned at the next path and headed up to the top of the hill. OTL, looking behind him, couldn't see Holly, so started back down the hill to follow the path she had taken.

Holly in the mean time had got to the top of the hill, and couldn't see us, so she chased off in the direction we would have gone.

Now she is in front of OTL and I who are looking for her on top of the hill.

OTL has this special whistle he makes that calls us back to him and he was giving it some wellie calling to Holly, where ever she was!

Holly heard the call, stopped down near the rabbit patch, turned around and legged it back up the hill.

We were standing just over the hill when OTL spotted Holly running down the path to meet us!

We all were glad to see each other and Holly licked OTL and he rubbed her tail and I woofed a welcome hello to Holly!

So, there we were, all back together again!

Back home to see if the ferrets are awake!

OTL is out tomorrow on the Dustbin Lorries again, so that means TM  will be taking us out but she can't whistle like OTL so we have to keep an eye on her!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles