Thursday, 15 September 2011

Over to see The Boys today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again, all worn out and happy!

We spent the morning playing at home, well, Old Two Legs took us out first thing this morning then got all tangled up in bits of paper and office type work. So, we left him alone and spent some time in the garden chasing each other up and down the path and in and out of the lounge, and all over the sofa and chairs!

We were almost too exhausted to go out down the Sea Wall, almost, but not too exhausted!

First of all we had to get OTL out early 'cos we are going over to baby sit Ooops! No, we are 'Child Minding' The Boys after school. Mind you Tom is a big boy now because he goes to the grown up Secondary School where they are teaching him things that he will need to know when he goes out to work!

He looks super smart in his new uniform!

We won't need to go to school 'cos as a doggy, we know everything already!

So, back to OTL, a sneaky little woof gets his attention, then we jump up on his lap and lick his ear, jump down and go to the door and woof again, by then it has clicked with him and he starts to put all the paper into a pile!

Once he has his boots on, we're off!

When we get out of the car, it is at full speed, us, not the car! We are off to surprise the rabbits who live around the corner in the brambles. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don't!

Today, we didn't surprise them!

I smell Rabbits, but where?
We woofed and crashed through the brambles and woofed some more but I think they may have gone out for the day 'cos it's so sunny!

Holly got fed up with looking for the rabbits and went down on the beach to have a walk. She said she looked just like a Beach Babe and walked along the wall wiggling her tail!

I'm a Beach Babe!
I was more interested in the sniffs in the grass and I said I was the Queen of The May dancing through all the flowers!

Queen of The May!
Holly said that as normal, I was late 'cos it's September and I couldn't be Queen of The September. I told her to get on with her wiggling 'cos she looked like a worm!

Watching people, watching the tide come in!
That was when she chased me all along the wall and forgot about wiggling her tail!

We stopped and watched the tide come in and all the dirty looking foam washing up on the beach. There were some people on the beach playing in the muddy water, laughing and giggling. Holly said the OTL wouldn't giggle if we were to dance in the mud!

Watching the tide come in.
On the way back to the car we saw a man standing at the railings watching the tide come in. OTL reckons he was on his lunch break and was looking for some gulls to feed his sandwich crusts to, Holly said that he could feed them to her if he couldn't find any gulls!

In the distance was saw a fisherman almost running along the sea wall with all his gear, he was rushing to get the best position along the wall for catching fish. We both woofed out that he had better hurry 'cos the fish were just about to go home. He didn't think that was funny and totally ignored us!

Late for the High Tide!
Soon after we got back, we went off with The Missus, over to see The Boys.

We had a dig in the garden, just to let them know we were there and some fun chasing each other all over the place!

It was good to get back to OTL and ask if he missed us, silly question really, we gave him lots of licks and he gave us both tickles behind the ears and a cuddle!

 Best of all, there is a Sheep Dog trials on television, going on over four days and today is the first. Well Holly and me sat there and watched it and we were judging each dog they showed.

By the time they finished, we reckon we could have done better, Away to Me, Come Bye, Darn, Lay Darn!

Now where have we heard that before!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Max, Don't kill your bed or it will be lumpy to sleep in! Also, try something to chew on like some Rawhide Chews, (Tesco do them) they will help you when your teething!