Sunday, 25 August 2013

A quiet day after the excitement!

Hi Woofers!

We're here again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, to fill you in on last night. Off they went, all laughing and giggly and they left us at home!
It was most unfair, all we had was water, a few nibbly biscuits  and two bowls of Doggy Scoff!

We were not Happy Puppies!

It was about nine that Auntie Sheila came in and let us out into the garden for a sniff and a wee!

We think she is a wonderful Two Legs!

So, back to snoozing on the sofa, listening to the pond filling up with all the rain that was coming down.

Around midnight in they came, all burps and giggling, especially The Missus!

You know what? They didn't even bring home a doggy bag of goodies from their meal, they finished it all off, including the big chocolate wodge of goo and ice cream, we could smell it on their breath!

That was it, no cuddles for them last night!

This morning all the rain had gone and there was even a bit of sunshine! Mind you, we still had to jump over puddles on the path and the ferrets got lifted up a few times when it got too quaggy!

Down on the beach for a quick dig in the sand and back home to a chicken breakfast followed by a snooze.

We had to go upstairs for a snooze 'cos TM had the F1 racing on, it's so loud!

Lunch time we were out with OTL along the Sea Wall. We woofed at the rabbits and then decided to do a bit of 'Line Dancing' 'cos we hadn't done it for ages. It took a bit of practice but in the end we got the 'Kick' just right!

One, Two, Three, KICK!
We met up with some fishermen but they didn't have any food and hadn't caught any fish, so we didn't stay long sniffin their fishing gear!

No Food, No Fish, No Strokes!
 I got chased by a big Bozo Chocolate Labrador and her mate, a sort of Australian Blue Sheep Dog. Of course, both fell in love with OTL and stuck their wet noses in his ear!

Tarts, the pair of them!

OTL spotted a Gatekeeper and just had to have a couple of snaps, mind you, it looked like it had been in the wars!

Looking a bit weather beaten!
The wind was blowing a bit and being high tide and an on shore wind, there was loads of splashing of the waves!
A BIG Splash!
Then we spotted a what we think was a Grey Plover but we weren't sure and had to look it up in the book when we got home.

Is it......?

When we looked at the book we changed our mind and decided it was a Ringed Plover in eclipse. Now that's a Bird Spotter type of description of the state a bird gets in when it moults its feathers after the breeding season!

A Ringed Plover in Eclipse.
Now, Holly and I are booked into the Doggy Parlour next Friday for our 'Shampoo & Set' and Holly reckons that we are also 'In Eclipse' and I said that the only eclipsing Holly does is when she steps in front of the Sun or Moon 'cos she is so large she eclipses everything!

Holly in Eclipse Mode!
That's when the fight started!

OTL tells us that as it's Bank Holiday, we may go for a drive out tomorrow, so Holly and I are discussing the options and will let OTL know in the morning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles