Friday, 25 November 2011

Squirrel Hunting!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy and Holly back again!

Friday means the food man calls, so it is one of our favourite days! Other than days when we go down to the beach to dig in the sand or maybe climb mountains or chase rabbits and foxes!

Old Two Legs took us out this morning, so as normal, we went down to the Sea Wall. We started off by chasing a couple of rabbits who were having a feast on the sandwiches left by the picnickers, so we chased after them but they dived into the brambles and we didn't even get close to them!

Rabbits Gone!

The tide was out, so the fishermen were out looking for their worms, as normal.

Got any worms Mr?

 Holly and me stopped for a while watching them, just to see if they found any!

Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, came this big gangly looking doggy who came bounding up just like a Tigger!

Yahoo! It's ME Again!

Yahoo! Do yer wanna play chase? He shouted and proceeded to jump all over the place.

His owner tried calling him back but the doggy turned a deaf ear, until he heard the word 'Biscuit'! Then he was off to his owner like a shot!

When we bumped into him again, his owner said that there were some people she meets, who think the dogs name is Biscuit 'cos she keeps shouting that to get to him to come back to her!

We had a good laugh about that and Holly said that we would be called Chicken or Carrot or even Cookie!

After lunch we gave OTL a good 'Bully' so he would take us out again and we ended up at The Forest, super!

We dashed about chasing squirrels and sniffin for foxes. I chased a couple of squirrels up a tree and they sat on a branch and shouted at us in 'Squirrel language', we didn't understand what they were saying but you could tell they weren't happy!

OTL was ferreting around on the ground and found a 'blushing fungi' which makes a change from the creamy pasty ones he normally finds!

Blushing Fungi
We had a whole lambs heart each tonight, did it taste good or what! Super, super super!

Now we're off to watch Autumn Watch, last one tonight!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly