Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday with Old Two Legs

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Today we took The Missus up to her Master Class at the village hall, really early, 'cos she has to get the hall all ready and laid out for her ladies, just so there is no wasted time when they arrive!

That means we have to go up there in the big car 'cos she has got mountains of stuff, which is OK by us 'cos that means we get to ride in the comfortable seats with arm rests and head rests as well!

Getting down to The Sea Wall early means we get to say 'Good Morning' to the fishermen who were packing up to go home.

Of course, Holly had a good sniff to see if they had any food left and I was asking how well they had done with the worms swimming lessons!

Did any of them learn to swim?
Holly got fed up when he said he didn't have any food but I stayed a while and told him all about TM and the ink being all worn out and distressed 'cos she is smart like that!

..........and then she gets the ink pad and smashes it down on the card and it turns into a big Splodge!
He said he couldn't hang about to hear all of the tale because he had to get home, so I told him I'll tell him the rest the next time I see him!

The sun was up by now and was poking its head around the clouds, so that means OTL was trying to 'Catch The Light', but I've seen better, still it keeps him quiet!

Another Sheerness Sunrise!
 It was then that Max came bounding along and we had a chat about some sniffs he had found. Then he told us about Buster, his brother, who had made a complete pig of himself and had eaten too much liver. Now, we know what happens when we eat too much liver and it was the same for Buster, in fact he didn't feel like having a walk and stayed at home!

.........and once he started, well, I thought it would never stop!
Well, we said our goodbye's and headed back to the car 'cos it was getting a bit draughty on the sea front and Holly said we had heart for breakfast!

Back home it was Doggy Scoff, TM had done our breakfast before she left and told OTL to give it to us.

We were not Happy Puppies!

We managed to mug OTL for a bit of his lunch but I think he was hungry as well 'cos he just woofed it all down!

 On our second walk along The Sea Wall we met up with Buster (Dicky Tummy) and Max again. Now Buster thinks that OTL is wonderful and is always running up to him for a stroke and a tickle on the tail!

In fact, it can be embarrassing sometimes 'cos OTL is ours, not his!

Hello OTL!
We left them to carry on with their walk and went back to chasing the ball that OTL had brought with him. It is good when he throws it and it bounces on the steps 'cos it starts to go one way, bounces and goes at right angles and lands on the beach!

That's OK providing we can jump down onto the beach but sometimes we have to run along the wall and down the steps and then go back to find it again!

OK, I've Found IT!
OTL found this great big fungi growing in the grass, we don't know its name yet but we will keep an eye on it over the next day or so!

It's going to be big when it grows up!
 Then we spotted a Redwing bird, now, we don't see to many of these over here 'cos it comes from the pine forests of Scandinavia and comes over here for the Winter.

A Redwing in the bushes, after the berries!
 What we are really looking for is the Waxwings, they come from Russia and come over here for a holiday when it gets too cold for them at home!

OK, we're off to have a cuddle with OTL and maybe get a bit of shortbread, if we are lucky!

So, bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly