Thursday, 3 January 2013

Back to Work for OTL and we ride 'Shotgun'!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake here again!

Poor Old Two Legs is back to work today, plunking away on the computer and trying to get stuff done.

We got an early trip along The Sea Wall today and met up with Barney, he was out with his owners grandchildren who are staying for a few days!

Can we play in the mud?
Looking across the mud we spotted a Wormy Man heading off for some serious digging!

The Early Man Catches The Worm!
Holly Dog kept dragging her paws and at one time we couldn't see her at all. OTL had to start walking back along the path before he spotted her in the grass. At first we thought she had found a sniff worthy of a roll but instead, she was just having a poo!

Where's Holly Dog?
Lunch time we went off with OTL to deliver stuff to the Big School in the town and we went along to do our 'Guarding Stuff' while he was out of the car, OTL calls it 'Riding Shotgun'!

So Holly stood on her back legs and woofed at the people around the car and I jumped up onto the steering wheel and set the horn going!

Nearly scared the Tail off me!

After the deliveries we headed off to The Forest! We haven't been down there for ages and when we go there we knew why!

It was deep mud everywhere!

Just a bit Quaggy!
 We decided to get off the path where we could and hunt some squirrel but no matter how hard we tried, there were none to see at all!

Was that Rat, Squirrel, Rabbit or Blackbird?
It was just not our day for chasing anything, even each other!

If we ran in the woods we tripped over the bramble branches and if we ran on the path we ended up with more mud on us! OTL was OK, he went off and started to photograph last years fungi!

Last Years Fungi!
OTL was on the lookout for squirrels, the same as us but he wanted to spot one before us. That was OK but he didn't see one either, but he did spot a Jay bouncing from one branch to the other!

Hello Mr Jay!
 He tried to get as close as he could but the bird flew off, not trusting OTL not to steal his Chestnuts!

Holly had a good idea, instead of trying to spot the squirrels in the tree, we should look for their paw prints in the mud! Well, we stood on the log and looked all over the place but all we saw were Two Legs and dog paw prints, not a squirrel in sight!

Look for the Paw Print!
We got back home and both had to have a bath to get rid of the mud, well, it wasn't a real bath 'cos we stood in the bowl of warm water and shampoo and got a wash like that.

Off for a snooze while OTL tries to tempt Snowflake out for a run but she has pigged out on mince beef and all she wants to do is sleep!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight, OTL's dinner that is, but we will have a go at mugging him no matter what he has, except salad, we don't do salad, mind you, the ham is nice but we prefer beef and stuff like that!

See you tomorrow and it is 'Decision Day' for Snowflake, so she better be on her best behaviour!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake