Thursday, 9 August 2012

Heading North with OTL & TM & Holly & My Pills!

Hi Ho Woofers, We're OFF!

Daisy & Holly here, heading up the M1 to Scotland, via Penrith!

Last night we could hardly get to sleep, we were so excited!

Holly kept asking if I was asleep yet!

Old Two Legs was snoring away, as normal and The Missus was giving some as well, but not as loud as OTL!

Well, the morning finally arrived and I jumped up onto the bed and gave OTL a good ear licking, for two reasons, one to tell him to get up and the other to tell him I stopped hurting. So, those pills he hid in the Doggy BBQ Sausage Worked!

I've got a few more days of pills but that's OK 'cos that means more Sausage!

We were off for our walk across The Field, we both made it quick 'cos we wanted to get going!

It was all misty and damp and of course OTL just had to take some pictures!

 And, of course if it's misty then there has got to be.........................Dew Drops!

Dew Drops
This one I liked 'cos it had a sniff like Rabbit droppings on a warm day!

Path side Flower
Back home and it wasn't long before we were all hitched up and ready to roll!

As we went joined the M25 we were all singing our 'Driving Songs' and Holly was asking 'Are we there yet' but she was having a joke 'cos she knew it would take a bit longer!

We had a snooze and then a woof at the other people on the road and before long we arrived in a place called Penrith. The caravan site was not up to much but as OTL said, it's only for one night and anyway it was just for us.

Not bad for an overnight!
Being a farm, it has got loads of animals and where you get farm animals, you get some serious sniffs!

The Joy of a Good Sniff!
We unhitched to caravan and then we were off again into town to a posh looking restraunt that was run by some Chinese people who served meals, Well The Missus came out with a big bag of food and we helped OTL & TM eat it when we got back to the caravan.

Tomorrow morning we are going to a shop that does all the 'Hunting and Fishing' stuff as well as coats for dogs!

OTL has promised us our first 'Real Posh' coats for when it rains or gets cold!

So, that's our first day and the sun is shining and it's warm and Holly has found some super stuff to roll in!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Holly loves Plawn Clackers)