Friday, 19 October 2012


Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

What a day today! It started off this morning when we dived into the garden for our 'Early Morning Wee' and it was raining! So, instead of our inspection of the garden and a check on all the boundaries, it was a quick wee and back indoors!

It wasn't much better when Old Two Legs took us out to The Sea Wall, nasty little spots of rain falling down. You know, not enough to justify putting our coats on but bad enough to make us blink as we trotted along the path!

I don't do this rain stuff!
 We told OTL we didn't like this rain, but, as he said, 'Your here, so make the best of it 'cos it's going to get wetter later!'

How does he know these things?

A bit further on we spotted The Wormy Man walking back, I bet it was getting too wet for him!

The Wormy Man Returns!

We carried on, not stopping too long at the sniffs, it's not so much fun when the rain is running under your collar!

Then Holly says, 'That's it, I've had enough, I'm going home!'

 And Off we went!

Enough is Enough!
Back home we had Lambs Heart for breakfast, super! Followed after by a half of a juicy carrot!

Come lunch time, I gave OTL the normal 'Shove in The Back' to say that it's time we went for a walk.

Little did we know it was raining, the sort of rain that makes you very wet, all the way through to you tummy!

Out we went to the car, got into the car and a pleasant drive through the puddles out to The Sea Wall. Now, I knew there was something not quite right when OTL dressed us up in our Rain Coats and put the collar up!

Then he put the hood of his coat up, over his hat! Now that is a sign of real wetness!

Out we went, without the camera, which is another bad sign, and into a force 8 gale with horizontal rain!

Holly thought she had spotted a rabbit but it was only a bit of paper blowing across the grass!

I spotted a place out of the wind where I could have a wee.

Holly then joined me and we both had a wee.

Then we chased after OTL who was 'Quick Marching' down the path. Well we got to the half way spot and although we were dragging our paws, OTL offered us the choice, carry on for the whole walk or back to the car?


Off we went like Rocket Powered Doggies!

We didn't even stop for a rabbit sniff on the path!

Back at the car, we got in and OTL opened the back of the car and we stood on the parcel shelf while OTL gave us a good rub down with the towel, we were OK on our backs but our legs, tummy and heads were soaked through!

After the rub down we both headed for the car heater on the passenger side and had a sort of mobile  'Blow Dry' in the foot well!

Back home for a second dry with warm towels and then a snooze on the sofa while nibbling at our carrots!

That was it really, the rain stopped any adventures and OTL went back to the office to find some dry trousers!

We have spent the afternoon snoozing, (very hard work!) and now we are getting ready to do some mugging as soon as OTL sits down to dinner.!

Tomorrow should be a bit drier so with a bit of luck OTL can do some gardening and get fed up so he then takes us down to The Forest in search of Fungi, with a bit of luck!

Well that's the plan!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly