Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter and we go Bunny Hunting!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It was a super morning on the beach, a bit drafty but the sun was up and shining. Old Two Legs had been telling us about Easter and the Easter Bunny, so, Miss Snowflake had decided that she would go Bunny Hunting and she started as soon as she was put down on the sand!

OK, just what does an Easter Bunny look like?
Mr Brambles said he would help her but he wasn't sure what an Easter Bunny looked like either!

Would a Bunny hide under Sea Weed?
Along the beach we met up with Mercedes, a big Bozo Labrador who just loves OTL! He stuck his head over the Sea Wall and said hello to the ferrets but they were too busy looking for Easter Bunnies!

Hello Ferrets!
Holly said she wanted to put together a portfolio of photos of her to show her in different poses.

She started off with her 'Wind Swept' look. She said that it should be titled 'Holly, Gone With The Wind.'

Gone With The Wind!
I said it should really be 'Suffering From Wind'!

......and that's when the fight started!

Miss Snowflake kept on hunting the Easter Bunny and you know, she even disturbed the Rabbits we normally chase!

Hunting the Easter Bunny!
We got home to a bowl of Doggy Scoff! Well, that spoilt our Easter! I showed off and went upstairs to the office where I finished off my Teeth Cleaning Chew!

We went with Old Two Legs to the Caravan Shop where he got some stuff for the caravan and we had fun woofing at the cat that was wandering around the car park!

We stayed with OTL while he did things in the caravan and afterwards we went down to the Sea Wall again!

Still blowing an Easterly!
 OTL tried to take some pictures of the waves, but at ground level. He really should have got closer but the waves threatened to soak him!

Here come the waves!
 Holly said she would do some more posing for her Portfolio and then did her 'Sporty' pose!

Miss Sporty Holly!
 A bit further on she looked over the wall at OTL and he got another shot which he called ......

Sunshine on My Shoulder!
 We spotted one tree that the leaves were just bursting and they looked good against the blue sky!

Spring is Bursting Out All Over!
 Back home again and the Doggy Scoff was still there. With any luck we will be able to mug some food tonight!

Not sure what is happening tomorrow, maybe we will get to see the Easter Bunny, even if it is raining!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.