Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another Sunny Dog Day

Hi All,

D&H back again!

We hope you're enjoying the couple of days off extra this weekend, we certainly are! Yesterday it was the woods and today?

Well first of all we got fed DOG FOOD from a tin! Yueck and DOUBLE YUECK, it was worse than Yuk Yuk!

The Missus seems not to have got the message, we have a sophisticated dietary taste  and require special foods, like chicken, liver, steak (Fillet), lamb (minced with a hint of Rosemary) a carrot, freshly dug and washed in a mountain stream to gently remove any clinging soil.

What do we get?

Stewed Tripe in rancid chicken dripping, ruined by the addition of sausage rusk disguised as 'Added Vitamins' and a flavour that is not know to man or beast!

Any more of this and we are going on strike again!

Old Two Legs must have heard me having a little grumble about the food or lack of it, so when we got home from our midday walk, he got out the second pig bone!

Now, at this point in the tale I must explain something.

Holly is a 'Porkie Puppy' and she gets like that by being the first at the food bowl and also at any of the treats we get. You know, the Raw Hide or the Pigs Ear or Chicken Strips. I'm more of the 'Refined' puppy who would not bully anyone out of their food, (except OTL!) and takes her time to savour the delicate smell of a well matured liver cooked in red wine sauce!

Holly on the other hand is a 'Tails up, Snout in, and don't come up for air' type of eater, more 'Dog' than dog, if you know what I mean!

The last time we got a Pig Bone, Holly didn't let me near it at all while it was tasty, all I got was the well chewed scrag end of a seriously reduced Pig Bone!

Today, OTL came up trumps for me! He got the bone out of the cupboard and marched me into the garden, with Holly trying to push me out of the way. OTL gave me the bone and held Holly back by her collar, (she was not happy about that).

Then he picked Holly up and carried her back inside!

Well, Christmas, Birthday and Summer Holidays had come all at once and twice this year! 

I settled down to do some serious damage to that bone, It was 'Grrreat'!

Mine! All Mine!
I was out on the grass giving it some wellie and Holly was inside complaining to TM & OTL!

It made a really good treat to be able to get the 'Doggy Treat' all to myself for a change and not keep looking over my shoulder all the time, worried if Holly was going to take an interest!

After about fifteen minutes OTL let Holly into the garden and she rushed over to grab the bone, however, I really liked that bone, so I told her off!


She sat down next to me and looked with sad eyes at me,'Gissa Lick?' she said.

Gissa Lick?
 I grumbled.

Come on, just a little lick and I promise I'll stay here while I do it?

Just a little Lick?
I grumbled again.

Holly put her nose down onto her paws and looked at me, well, she looked so sad that I let her have the piece I broke off earlier and was hiding under my paw. 'Thanks' she said and commenced to have a gnaw!

Thanks Mate!
We carried on like that for a while until I got full up with the bone and decided to go indoors for a drink and a lay down on the Day Bed.

Holly carried on having a gnaw for a while before coming inside as well, I mean, a bone is OK but it can get hot in the garden and anyway, a bone matures if you leave it out in the fresh air for a while, better still if you bury it in the flower bed, the one TM has just planted with the bedding plants that cost her a fortune!

We have to bury it late when we go out for our last wee of the night before bed, trouble is, after we have dug the hole, we are covered in muddy soil and OTL tends to notice things like this!

I'll have to think a serious 'Think' on what to do!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly