Monday, 23 November 2015

It's Poo Pot Kicking Time!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred and Wilma!

It's been a chilly day today! This morning Miss April spent most of the time she was out, trying to get back into the bag!

As Old Two Legs hadn't brought the camera there was no reason for us to hang about and we were all back home in no time!

Back home OTL set about cleaning the cages.

Now Fred just can't seem to get the hang of a Poo Pot, I mean, there are two pots covering just over half of the ground floor but somehow he manages to poo in between them, not once but several times!

Now this means that there is more poo to shovel and because it takes longer, Fred and Wilma are out of their cages longer for a super run around the office and a game in the ball crate!

This doesn't  sit too well with Miss May, she hates the thought of someone getting attention from OTL. She hates the idea that another pair of ferrets are playing in their territory! She also hates the sight of these two new upstarts wandering over to her cage and sniffing the bars!

She tears around her cage, up and down the floors giving Fred & Wilma the evil 'Hairy Eyeball'!

Not that Fred & Wilma care in the slightest, they both just love having all that space to run around in!

Wilma loves hiding in all OTL's camera gear and jumping out at him, this morning she grabbed him on the arm with her teeth and put four puncture holes in his arm. It was a good job she was just playing but there was a little bit of blood!

After doing the Page 3 Girls cage and starting on Fred & Wilma's cage, May was getting a real big strop on and was kicking her Poo Pots all over the cage, there was all the cat litter being kicked out of the cage and thrown all over the carpet.

OTL thinks that the chance of them coming together as one 'Super Group' is very unlikely!

Lunchtime we left them all asleep and headed of to the beach on our own. I had another look at the boat and decided that it was past floating on it's own, instead I reckon the waves are beating it to pieces evey time the tide comes in!

I think it has had it!
Holly, not being the nautical type, sat down, let out a big 'Stage Sigh' and said she 'Really was not interested'!

Do I look as though I care?
We headed off up the grass path and she was more concerned about the size of her tail!

Of course it's big, it goes with the size of your Butt!
That's when the fight started!

Heading back it was getting dark and the sun was going down and it was starting to get chilly again!

Sunset over Grain!
Back home Fred & Wilma woke up and said 'Hello' to OTL, got a slurp of Ferretone and Fred had a cuddle while Wilma was kicking seven sorts of poo out of one of the squeaky rubber balls!

She was sinking her teeth into it and then giving it a really good shake then biting it again!

Fred wandered off and did another poo, in between the Poo Pots!

We are not sure if he is having a game with OTL or he really hasn't got the idea of reversing into the pot!

Turn the light out as you leave, we want a snooze!
That's it today Woofers, we are off to watch the 'Extended Blu Ray' Hobbit film about the five armies.

Hey, where does Gandalf keep his armies?

Up his Sleevies'!


Daisy, Holl, Miss May, Miss April Fred & Wilma.