Thursday, 12 April 2012

Barney's Secret!

Hey Ho Woofers!

Daisy and Holly here!

What a day we have had. First of all there was 'The Spy' we met on our walk along the Sea Wall.

 We were not too sure what he was trying to do but he came sneaking down the path, dressed up in a dark blue suit and set up a tripod and camera and started taking pictures of the mud!

and this is where the Control Tower will be!

 We had a look at the beach again, now that the tide had come in and out a few times to smooth it all over.

Our impression?

Impressive Beach!
Not Bad!

Then, all of a sudden, Old Two Legs was clicking away at a small bird that went whizzing past us.
First Swallow of Summer!
Then he went potty again clicking at another small bird that also whizzed past......

The Second Swallow of Summer!
That's it, it is now Official. Summer is here!

To celebrate, OTL took a picture of the sea weed on the  Sea Wall.

Pretty Sea Weed?

 He really is a bit strange sometimes!

We were walking along the path and met up with Barney who was laying down on the ground hiding behind a blade of grass.

'Hello Girlie's' he said, I thought I might jump out and shout BOO! Just for a change!

Barney hiding in the grass!
One thing Barney does not do well is Hide in The Grass!

Then Holly asked what he is. Hey? Wot? Wadda You Mean? Says Barney.

Well, said Holly, we are cross breed dogs, half Fox Terrier and half Bichon Frise, but we have always been puzzled about your family.

Well, says Barney, I am, according to my Mum, an English Pointer!

That's impressive, says Holly, 'What does an English Pointer do?

Well, says Barney, I Point, I'm a sort of Hunting Dog, but I don't really hunt, I just point out to where the birds or rabbits are, that's why I'm called a Pointer!

Holly was seriously impressed and asked him if he could show her how he points.

Certainly he says and lifts one paw.....................

Serious Pointing from Barney!

I've got to do a bit more practice he says but I'm getting there! One day I will be as good as my Dad!

We said bye bye 'cos he was going away on holiday for a few weeks down to the South of France where the weather is warmer but they don't speak English!

He says that his pointing comes in helpful 'cos all he does is to point at what he wants, well it is easier than trying to speak French!

He promised to tell us all about it when he got back!

We spent the rest of the day snoozing on the sofa 'cos OTL had loads of stuff to do and The Missus had to take The Boys back home 'cos they had run out of clean socks!

Lambs heart tonight and some shortbread, if we are lucky!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Terriorisers, not Pointers!)