Monday, 25 June 2012

A Swim and we Put an Offer in on a Beach Hut!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Wot a super sunny day today. As soon as we got up this morning, about five thirty, we knew it was going to be a super day!

First of all we woke Old Two Legs up, a lick behind his ear normally gets a response!

Then we woke The Missus up, a quick lick then run away 'cos she may growl at us!

After getting OTL up and showered, it's off to The Sea Wall.

As normal, OTL took his camera, we found a prickly plant with flowers just about to burst. We think it may be a Thistle type of plant 'cos it's got sharp spiky leaves but we will wait until the flowers bloom before making a definite identification!

Spiky Leaf sort of Thistle type of plant!
After our normal stops for the 'Sniffs of the Day' we set off for a jog along the Sea Wall.

A Morning Jog!
That always makes us feel  good, a gentle jog, the breeze blowing through our whiskers and OTL trying to keep up with us!

We got back home and OTL was busy on the telephone for a while. Then he suddenly jumped up and said 'Right I'm off to Herne Bay'

Did he think he was going to leave us behind?

No Way!

Off we went and he picked up some stuff from a factory on a big estate.

As we stuck our noses out of the window we could sniff The Sea, so, where did we stop next?

That's right, The Sea Side!

We had a run along the big wall thing that stretched out to sea and it had a path that went all the way around!

What's Up Here?
When we got to the end we went around the top and headed back to the beach.

Looks The Same Down Here!
Then we turned around and raced all the way back!

OTL was throwing stones into the sea, so I rushed in to catch on, just like when he throws a ball in the water. I was racing out towards the place where it splashed, when suddenly I realised that there was no ground under my paws!

Look at Me! I'm Almost Definitely Nearly Swimming!
That's it, back to the beach and a run to get dry!

There were a load of things called 'Beach Huts' and Holly said it would be a good idea if we got one so we can keep all our towels and swimming costumes and our chews in there for the next time we went down there.

So we wrote a note on a bit of paper and shoved it under the door of a good looking hut, offering a couple of chews and a weeks supply of Doggy Scoff and a Bouncy Ball in exchange for the hut.

OK, Let's put an offer in!
We left our telephone number as well, so, with a bit of luck we may be the owners of a Beach Hut soon!

Some of the Neighbours!

Back home for an afternoon snooze and a chance to mug OTL for some short bread before bedtime!

Bye  bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly