Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snoozy Sunday.

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today we have no photo's to show you and we have, or Old Two Legs has, a good excuse!

This morning we were out with the new Ferret Bag and it's brilliant!

Both ferrets were put in the bag and they both had their leads attached to their harness, as normal. OTL decided not to attach the built in chains as it would slow down the 'Ferret Extraction' when we got to the beach!

Well, didn't they enjoy the trip! Both ferrets were climbing up and poking their heads out of the top, having a look then diving back down to the bottom to have a quick scratch at the lining, then back up again to see where they were along the path!

Great fun!

Down on the beach, Mr Brambles was first out of the bag and he hit the floor running!

It was a pity we didn't have the camera but OTL has to 'Get Used' to all the leads and carry bags before he works out how he can carry the camera and still have control over all of us at the same time he is taking photos!

Back home Holly said she had a 'Dicky Tummy' and declined the chicken we got for breakfast. I didn't mind 'cos I had a nibble at Holly's before setting about mine!

As OTL and The Missus didn't get back until late last night (a Burns Night!) we were late to bed and in need of a day time snooze!

OTL has been working on the computer, boring work stuff, and TM went out to a class to learn how to make a tarty mirror frame, sort of 'Altered Art' using some road tar or summat like that!

Lunch time it was raining, so, a quick wee and then straight back to the car and home!

Holly and I both cuddled up together under TM's fleece and spent the afternoon snoozing until TM got back.

So, a fun day, with loads of relaxing and I got to eat some of Holly's grub, which is almost unheard of!

With a bit of luck she should be back to normal tomorrow, I reckon it was some of that rabbit poo she was 'Nosing' that did for her!

Mind you, I can't talk, I'm always doing that as well and sometimes I get the 'Wobby Tum' as well!

See you tomorrow and let's keep our claws crossed for some dry weather!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles